The drinks you can drink during intermittent fasting

The drinks you can drink during intermittent fasting

Healthy eating is more in vogue than ever and if something takes the cake in this regard, it is, without a doubt, intermittent fasting. By now we know that, although it is not suitable for everyone, it has numerous benefits for our health beyond weight loss. However, there are still many doubts and questions to answer regarding this feeding protocol.

One of the most common is if we can eat or drink something during fasting hours. If there is a limit of calories that we can consume in that time without actually breaking the fast.

Avoid calories in what we eat

One of the first recommendations when we start doing intermittent fasting is that we make sure we are well hydrated, something vital in training and in any diet. In fact, it is something especially important due to the restriction of food. It is very likely that the first few days we will notice more thirst, but even if this is not the case, hydrating ourselves is important.

The problem is that sometimes we consume drinks that contain calories to hydrate ourselves or, even, believing that nothing is happening, we take a snack with few calories. The reality, however, is that during fasting hours what is recommended is not eating any foods that offer energy (calories) or, if they do, in very small amounts.

In this sense, we will not be able to consume any type of food. But we do have the ability to drink more than just water. Of course, they must abide by certain rules.

What drinks can we consume during fasting hours

Different varieties of water

As in all cases, it is recommended that the main drink of choice during the day is water. However, we know that this can end up being boring or that if we have met friends for a drink it is not always what we most want.

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Therefore, we can consume different water-based options. One idea is to drink carbonated or sparkling water and we can even add a splash of natural lemon – yes, nothing to eat the fruit -. We also have the option of consuming normal water that we have flavored with some fresh herbs or with a little lemon juice.

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Coffee (only) is one of the drinks that we can drink without breaking our fast. Thus, we can do intermittent fasting 8/16 and in what would have been breakfast, have a black coffee. It is important to remember that if we want to drink it, it must be without milk, vegetable drinks or sugar. What we can do is add sweeteners without any calories like stevia, for example.

Infusions and tea

Infusions, whether with or without theine, are an excellent option to consume during fasting hours. In all cases the base is water that is infused with leaves. This kind of drinks we can consume them without any problem during fasting hours (remember that you should not carry any sugar).

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Light and zero soft drinks

Although the consumption of this type of soft drink is not recommended at a health level, the reality is that, strictly speaking, this type of drink that does not contain any sugar can be taken during fasting hours. In a punctual and occasional way we can take these drinks without risking breaking the fast.

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