the directors of ‘Inside’ sign the best film of their career with a superb submarine b series I Opinions Espinof

the directors of ‘Inside’ sign the best film of their career with a superb submarine b series I Opinions Espinof

Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, two of the most remembered filmmakers of that brief European movement of extreme horror in the mid-2000s, are back with the extraordinary ‘The House of the Deep’, a beautiful b-key nightmare shot underwater and that refreshes two subgenres with its exemplary narrative commitment. a little classic a few years from now.

They all float down there

With their sixth feature film, the long-standing artistic couple presents an ambitious project, risky in content (hehe) and in form, which moves away from the intended new current terror of prestige, making simplicity and charm the masters of the function. But nothing is what it seems, because a film like ‘The Deep House’ requires technical and narrative expertise available to very few. Don’t let the darkness stop you from seeing the bottom.

When one thinks of aquatic and swampy terrors away from abominations of nature, it is inevitable to think of ‘The Lake of the Living Dead’ or ‘Shock Waves‘, two cult classics directed by Jean Rollin and Ken Wiederhorn with very different intentions. The European, by the way, with a script by Jess Franco.

But the intentions of Bustillo and Maury, fans of ‘In Dreams’ or ‘Inferno’ by Dario Argento, decide that, to begin with, the underwater action will be pure. No digital effects, post-production, trap or cardboard. ‘The House of the Deep’ will be in the deep. Thus, the filmmakers achieve an unheard-of atmosphere of growing horror which also literally moves away from the vaunted fashionable term. This is not heightened terror, this is submerged horror.

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Technically complex and visually stunning, this is a little gem with so many good staging ideas per minute that they risk going as unnoticed as the film itself. The directors’ imagination takes advantage of underwater gravity to create amazing iconic images, like those floating chandeliers or the furniture poltergeists so common in the genre. Here they make us wonder if all that is floating or if, instead, it is “floating”.

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The premise is simple and very current. A couple of youtubers specialized in mysterious videos discover the possibility of record a submerged house at the bottom of a lake. Nothing will work out, of course. Barely a quarter of an hour into the exposition and James Jagger and Camille Rowe are already floating towards a denouement that might seem rushed, but which makes sense and has a brilliant cohesion with their passions.

the deep house

‘The house of the depths’ is a macabre story that manages to terrify and create its own universe that would even leave the possibility of returning to it even out of the water. A film that offers the best possible result to a premise as attractive as that of underwater haunted house. A witch train converted, for the first time, into a submarine. The best attraction of your life.

Loaded with stimuli and baroque poetry that would delight the Corman factory of the days of Usher or Ligeia, ‘The House of the Deep’ is the best film by tireless filmmakers faithful to themselves and to the genre that opened their doors to them. doors of our nightmares fifteen years ago. The best horror movie I’ve seen since ‘The Wellness Cure’.

‘The House of the Deep’ is available on demand on Google, iTunes or Rakuten.