Cecilio Domínguez arrived at Club Atlético Independiente in 2019 after having played for Águilas del América (Photo: Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / EFE)

More than three years after its transfer from the Club América towards the Independent Athletic Club (CAI), the South American team has not yet been able to pay off the debt with the Coapa team for the purchase of the player Cecilio Domínguez. Due to the little response, as well as the upcoming arrival of the deadline to specify an agreed sum of money, the Mexican team would have in mind to turn to FIFA to solve the problem as soon as possible.

According to sources close to the Americanist team, consulted by the media ESPN, the Eagles would have the intention of requesting the highest governing body of football worldwide to force those of Avellaneda to pay or, failing that, impose a sanction against the Red Devils for non-compliance. According to sources close to the club, this week the deadline to settle a part of the fee will expire.

Despite the fact that the player has already been transferred in definitive purchase to the Major League Soccer (MLS) Austin FC team, the CAI directive has not yet complied with the payment of USD 4.5 million that he promised to pay for 70% of the guaraní pass, as confirmed by the media. For this reason, although they have not established any communication with FIFA, those of Coapa would send the request in case the Argentine team does not give a favorable response.

The clubs went through a similar situation in the signing of Silvio Romero (Photo: Marcos Brindicci / REUTERS)
The clubs went through a similar situation in the signing of Silvio Romero (Photo: Marcos Brindicci / REUTERS)

The two teams went through the same situation thanks to the signing of the Argentine forward Silvio Romero. After the player was notified of not being considered in sports planning, the South American team decided to launch an offer for his services. Thus, during the first months of 2018, The signing was finalized after agreeing to purchase 70% of his letter.

Despite the agreement, the South Americans did not immediately comply with the payment. The agreements contemplated a series of partial deposits of USD 1.6 million, but the process took time and lasted for more than two years. It was thus that the April 30, 2021, the Independiente de Avellaneda made the last payment corresponding to the signing of Romero, who still plays for them.

On the contrary, being younger and having potential, Cecilio Domínguez played in the ranks of Independiente since 2019 until he was signed by Austin FC in August 2020. At that time, according to the site specializing in transfers Transfermarkt, Domínguez’s market value increased considerably to that obtained during his stay in Mexico, since it reached the EUR 3.3 million. In the following months, due to his regularity in MLS, he reached the EUR 3.5 million.

Cecilio Domínguez won the 2018 Apertura title with America (Photo: Ulises Ruiz / AFP)
Cecilio Domínguez won the 2018 Apertura title with America (Photo: Ulises Ruiz / AFP)

Both Silvio Romero and Cecilio Domínguez coincided in the ranks of Club América between 2016 and 2018. The Argentine attracted the attention of those from Coapa due to his outstanding performances with the Jaguares de Chiapas. With his arrival he became the undisputed starter and responded to confidence by scoring goals in crucial situations. Nevertheless, in his last months his performance had a considerable decline.

Domínguez, for his part, had a longer passage through Coapa. With your arrival he appropriated the number 10 And, although his background was a source of enthusiasm for the fans, he never quite met expectations. Nonetheless, was able to be crowned with America in the 2018 Apertura tournament and he was even a key player, as a counterattack orchestrated by him ended at the feet of Edson Álvarez, who scored the goal against Cruz Azul and finished the 13th title in team history.


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