The day Microsoft’s advertising reached a billion people

The day Microsoft’s advertising reached a billion people

For a long time we have always associated advertising with GoogleNot surprisingly, the Mountain View giant relies heavily on advertising revenue. However, competition has long emerged on websites previously “managed” by Google.

A) Yes, Goal has the two most visited social networks Facebook and Instagram and monetizes them at will. The same happens with Microsoft, the Redmond giant has a large number of web pages that generate more than one billion views a day.

Microsoft gets 1 billion users a day

This software company has reached a new milestone, based on internal company data and Comscore Microsoft’s announcements are now reaching 1,000 million people. This means having an incredible volume of users to offer them different advertising formats.

Thanks to Mediapost We can tell you which are the sources that have gathered that figure: Bing, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and other publishing partners and Microsoft properties as of March 2021. Apparently, this is known as overlapping audiences, which is a phenomenon that you may be familiar with. Basically use of multiple Microsoft products or services. Overlapping audiences allow Microsoft to expand its reach.

The result has surprised GWI during its investigation for audiences. The data shows that 64% of people in the United States who use Windows devices also visit Microsoft advertising properties, according to Mediapost. In turn, these people are more likely to make a purchase. Microsoft’s own figures showed in the last quarter that its search advertising revenue rose to $ 788 million, that is, 10% in its last quarter, so there is more truth in the figures. Whether MSN or Microsoft News drove things like News and Interests in Windows 10, or Widgets in Windows, in that growth is unknown, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

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Now we know Microsoft’s interest in acquiring Pinterest or TikTok. These social networks give you greater power on the web. Google can have incredible searches, but if the main websites cannot be monetized it can also have a problem.