Death’s Door, the new action RPG from the creators of Titan Souls published by Devolver Digital, has become one of the most popular indies games of the moment after its release on Xbox consoles at the end of last July. Its success has led thousands of players to request its premiere on other platforms like Nintendo Switch, to which the Acid Nerve team does not seem to say no for the future.

Regarding the success of the game, David Fenn, one of only two members of the development team, assures that nothing could have gone better than it had. «It is as if our wildest expectations would have been fulfilled “, confirms to 9news.

Regarding the launch of Death’s Door exclusively on Xbox and PC consoles and that it was on Xbox Game Pass from day one, Mark Foster, another of the developers, assures that it was the objective from the beginning, but it is also shown surprised with the sales results achieved despite being available on Microsoft’s subscription service. “It was always exclusive to Xbox, that was the plan from the beginning,” says the creative. “It seems that people are willing to buy a game in 2021, which is a pleasant surprise,” he jokes.

The success of Death’s Door and its RPG action in the purest Zelda style Due to its dungeon structure, it has not bypassed the general public and, it seems, that the guys at Acid Nerve have already received numerous requests to bring their game to other platforms, among which I would highlight Nintendo Switch. “There are no current plans that we can announce today,” Fenn said, “but Switch is a very popular request for game developers these days. ‘

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Seeing the huge reception that indie games have on Nintendo Switch, like Hades or Hollow Knight, it is to be expected that Death’s Door followed in the same footsteps. Likewise, it is a game of small size and low poly aesthetics, so the Nintendo console would have no problem running it.

Death’s Door is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC from the past July 20th. It is also available within the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

▪ Release date: 07/20/2021