The creators of Battlefield 2042 are receiving a wave of insults and threats in networks

The creators of Battlefield 2042 are receiving a wave of insults and threats in networks

The launch of Battlefield 2042 It has not been as many fans of the DICE and Electronic Arts saga expected, with a multitude of technical problems that have tarnished its first weeks of life. Now, however, things have gone too far. And it is that Battlefield 2042 creators are receiving a wave of insults and threats on networks, just like pick up the PC Gamer portal. The worst part has been Andy McNamara, EA’s global communications director, who wrote a thread on Twitter explaining the situation. A thread that he later had to delete to try to be clearer and avoid the insults he was receiving.

“Guys, people have to rest. We have things in motion, but we have to find out what is possible to do. Let’s come back from break and go back to work. I love you, but these expectations are brutal. The things you want take time to be analyzed, designed and executed“McNamara commented before receiving responses of understanding, but also threatening and in a very aggressive tone. The person in charge of communication decided to delete these explanations and leave everything in a “I deleted the tweets. It seems my message was not clear enough. I apologize”. All this because he explained that the team had taken a few days off for Christmas.

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The discussion between McNamara and the fans of Battlefield 2042 ended up reaching the Reddit forums, where many users continued to spread hateful and threatening messages against the DICE team. As a consequence, the moderators of the subreddit dedicated to the war action video game have issued a statement warning the community that these insulting messages or they will be forced to close the space. Electronic Arts recently made moves in DICE’s organizational structure to reverse the plight of Battlefield 2042, which has been overcome in recent dates in number of players including by Battlefield V.

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