Nacon has taken the game and development of competitive controllers to the next level thanks to the new Revolution X. The Revolution family of controllers today welcomes the Revolution X, the first model designed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, which from SomosXbox we have had the pleasure of analyzing it in detail.

The Nacon Revolution X It can be purchased in any store from today for a price of € 109.99, a fairly inexpensive cost for everything that this competitive remote offers and with new generation features. Although, in addition to being designed for Xbox, the Revolution X is also compatible without any problem with any type of PC. So without further ado, we leave you with all the details of the Nacon Revolution X for Xbox.

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Nacon Revolution X Xbox Review: The Competitive Controller Revolution

Nacon Revolution X review for Xbox

1. Contents of the packing

Before going into matter with the important points of this analysis, we are going to talk about the careful packing of the Nacon Revolution X. The black remote control comes in a case that is used both for transporting and caring for it. In this case we also have the 3m cable (mandatory to play), some accessories for the sticks, additional weights to balance the heaviness of the controller to our liking and a microfiber cloth to keep the controller as clean as possible.

Inside the case itself we also find a cardboard that explains how to activate the Dolby Atmos, a surprise for all who are made with this new command. Dolby Atmos can be activated for free by connecting our headphones to the controller, thus being able to enjoy the competitive advantages of accurate audio. In my case, when using the remote, the Dolby Atmos has been activated both in the headphones and on the TV, without having to pay. To activate it, you will have to download the Dolby Access app from the Xbox Store.

Nacon Revolution X review for Xbox

2. Ergonomics

The Nacon Revolution X has improved almost every aspect of the Pro Compact. This new controller designed for Xbox has better ergonomics, it is much larger, which seems to me personally an important point, since I do not have excessively small hands. If that is true, that if the size had been a bit smaller, it would have been perfect. Regarding the weight, this is something very personal since it is completely adjustable thanks to the weights that are included. As such, the Revolution X is light, but in my case I had to add a couple of 16g ​​weights to it. You can try the different weights to find your ideal weight and thus be able to have a completely unique experience.

As for the grips, for my taste they are much more comfortable than the original Xbox controller, and it is for a simple reason. In the Revolution X we have a textured casing, but not the full one, since we find softer finishes. Personally, the rough feel is somewhat annoying on my hands, and since I hardly sweat, I prefer to have a completely smooth surface.

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Regarding the joysticks, we can choose between concave or convex, in addition to using the different bases that we have included to adjust the sensitivity on the fly. We also have interchangeable sticks, between rough and non-rough. On the crosshead, it is directional and we can choose between 8 or 4 directions, but beyond that, this is very simple compared to that of the Xbox Series X | S controller. The material of this controller is much more resistant than other previous versions, but it is noticeable that the quality is not equal to the top compared to that of the Xbox controller, either in the plastic of the case itself, that of the crosshead, the typical ones. buttons or bumpers and triggers.

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Nacon Revolution X review for Xbox

3. Benefits

The Nacon Revolution X for Xbox offers us several aspects that we did not find in the original Xbox Series X | S controller. Being a competitive-focused command, we have several additions such as the rear buttons (S1, S2, S3 and S4), the free configuration when customizing the command to our liking and likeness. By being able to modify almost everything we can imagine, this Revolution X becomes very efficient and comfortable when playing any type of title, be it an FPS, MOBA, combat, racing, infiltration or others.

Among other positive additions, we find the sensitivity of the joysticks or the haptic vibration in the triggers, which is one of the most striking characteristics of the new generation. We also have the identical buttons to the Xbox controller, both the X, A, Y, B and the other three buttons that surround the Xbox logo that turns on the controller, with their respective functions.

4. Personalization

The most important part of the Nacon Revolution X for Xbox is the customization. It has such a wide range of possibilities that any competitive player will want to have this controller in their hands. In order to customize the Revolution X in our image and likeness, the first step we will have to take is to download the Revolution X app from the Xbox Store. The next step will be to create one or more profiles, which we can customize to the millimeter according to which genres: Racing, FPS, fighting, infiltration …

As we have mentioned before, we can change the configuration of the controls, in case we have a specific button as a priority for a specific action. The configuration of the joysticks can also be modified, such as for racing and sports games (linear), general FPS (reactive), sniping FPS (proposed), arcade and combat (immediate) or in infiltration games (ultra-reactive).

Nacon Revolution X review for Xbox

We also have adjustments to the triggers according to the pressure we want to feel, which will cause a more or less rapid response. Then I leave you with the presets of each genre: racing and sports (full 0-100%), FPS (short 0-50%), arcade and combat (short and delayed 10-50%) or infiltration (delay 10-100 %). As you can see, the customization is extensive, so the controller has a different type of audio for what each game requires.

To finish with this section, another completely customizable aspect is the level of vibration of the handles or that of the triggers, which can be deactivated or adjusted to low, medium or high. In my case, I have tried the different customizations in games like GTA V, Battlefield 1, F1 2020, FIFA 21 and UFC 2, and I can tell you that by tweaking a couple of things to suit each one, this controller is essential if you want to compete.

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5. Conclusion

Nacon Revolution X review for Xbox

The Nacon Revolution X is a perfect controller for all those who compete or want to do it in any type of video game. The great freedom regarding customization and its great kinship to the original Xbox controller, make this new Xbox controller a very good alternative. It is true that for more casual or non-competitive players, this controller is also very interesting, although perhaps for price and comfort many end up preferring the original, either One or Series X | S. In my case, I find myself at a crossroads, since I believe that a mixture of both would be the perfect combination.

The negative things that I see in this Revolution X are related to the material and the touch of it. The material, even though it is much more resistant and of higher quality than in previous commands, still does not convince me personally. Also, I don’t like the feel of the crosshead, the buttons (X, A, B, Y) and the bumpers and triggers.

6. Buy the Nacon Revolution X controller for Xbox and PC

To buy the Nacon Revolution X we have many options, among which is Amazon or the same Nacon Spain store. We remind you that the price of this competitive remote is € 109.99. Ready to compete at the highest level with Nacon’s new Revolution X controller?