The cold causes a ship to arrive in Russia with dozens of frozen cars | Motor

The cold causes a ship to arrive in Russia with dozens of frozen cars |  Motor

The expression “always in garage” cannot be applied to these second-hand cars, which have arrived completely frozen in Russia on board a ship.

Getting a new car with the crisis of chips and semiconductor materials seems difficult, but if you add the weather, is what was missing. And there is no climate more extreme than that of sea ​​of ​​japan along the shores of Russia.

Temperatures down to -30º that the ships seem to hold out with a certain dignity, but not the cars they carry, of course.

A difficult journey to Vladivostok

The voyage of the ship took him to go from South Korea until Vladivostok, and upon reaching the Russian city they found the cars completely frozen and with a layer of salt and ice of several centimeters.

In a statement to the Russian media of news in Vladivostok, the captain of the ship assured that in December “the sea is very rough and with wind”.

“The water splashes on board and solidifies. Nothing special. This year the wind has been stronger than normal, but it does not surprise us. This has happened before. It is unloaded and ready,” he said. Pyotr Osichansky.

The Panamanian-flagged ship, which operates between Russia and South Korea, was carrying Japanese cars of brands such as Sling Y Toyota. When breaking the ice to unload the vehicles, the sailors were even able to see how the interiors of some cars had also completely frozen.

In short, the opposite of the ‘always in garage’ of the second-hand market advertisements, not to mention the bad combination of ice and salt for the chassis corrosion, bodywork and damage to upholstery. Bad business, of course.

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This article was published in Top Gear by Rodrigo García Vita.