The soccer player Andrés Iniesta published on your Twitter profile which was learning how to start using cryptocurrencies with the platform Binance. He made that post in Spanish and English. And the National Securities Market Commission of Spain or CNMV did not like this gesture very much.

Thus, this body in charge of supervising and inspecting the Spanish securities markets and the activity of those who intervene in them, responded with a wake-up call to the star of the ball, from his Twitter.

The response from the CNMV says “Hello, @ andresiniesta8, crypto assets, being non-regulated products, they have some relevant risks. It is advisable to read the @CNMV_MEDIOS release dated 2/9/2021 and inform yourself thoroughly before investing in them or recommending others to do so. “Along with a link to the aforementioned statement.

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The risks of crypto assets

The CNMV and the Bank of Spain published a statement in February on the risk of cryptocurrencies as an investment. “Crypto assets, including cryptocurrencies and the technology that supports them, they can be elements that revitalize and modernize the financial systemor in the coming years, but to assess its validity as an investment alternative or its use as a means of payment, it is also necessary to bear in mind aspects and risks “.

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The 'Squid Game' cryptocurrency is a scam: from nearly $ 3,000 in value to crash in seconds

Some users, also within Twitter, accuse him of promoting possible scams or platforms that can promote addictions. It should be remembered that from Genbeta we spoke in the past with A. Díaz González, a general health psychologist and expert in gambling, who told us that “almost all the cases of young addicts that I have treated in recent years are people who came to the world of poker, online gambling or video games under the influence of relatively famous people“.

According to the psychologist, most of her patients have recognized that they started playing after seeing “advertising of footballers who advertise it on television, youtubers who play and record it and also who have followed well-known people through other platforms such as Twitch or other social networks or also casters (video game commentators) “.