Electrogenic has presented its new transformation project in society. The iconic Citroën DS comes back to life as an electric car. The Citroën classic car is detached from its gasoline engine to adopt a fully electric propulsion system with a 48.5 kWh battery that gives it significant autonomy.

The unstoppable rise of electric mobility is having a really curious effect on the classic car market. And it is neither more nor less than the emergence of specialists in the transformation of jewels on historic wheels into fully electric vehicles to adapt to the new times. Times in which electrification is the protagonist. Electrogenic is one of the so-called “pioneers” of classic car electrification. He has presented his new and very interesting project in society. A Citroën DS electric.

Taking the iconic 1971 Citroën classic as a starting point, a most interesting vehicle has been brought to life. And it is that the characteristic exterior and interior design has been maintained while in the entrails there is a modern and zero-emission propulsion system. Electrogenic also points out that it is the first professional conversion of a Citroën DS to electric.

The iconic and classic Citroën DS has been transformed into an electric vehicle

The Citroën DS changes its gasoline engine for an electric one

Electrogenic started the transformation process of the Citroën DS by withdrawing the 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine to replace it with a Hyper9 electric motor from 90 kW (122 hp) and 235 Nm of maximum torque. Power is transmitted to the front wheels through the existing manual gearbox.

Now, beyond the engine used, the key and main component is the battery. In the bowels of the vehicle is a 48.5 kWh battery that allows the electric Citroën DS to have a approximate real autonomy of 225 kilometers on a single charge. As an option, Electrogenic offers a version with extended autonomy that allows to overcome the 320 km barrier.

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And what about the charging process? The car is equipped with a 29 kW charger that allows the battery recharging process to be completed in about two hours.

Electrogenic Citroën DS
In the bowels of the electric Citroën DS is a 48.5 kWh battery

One of the main features of the Citroën DS is its hydropneumatic suspension system. The specialist has chosen to carry out a modification in this regard. And it has been neither more nor less than replacing the original mechanical pump with an electrically operated one. At the aesthetic level, the most relevant changes compared to the original model are, basically, that it lacks an exhaust system and the “DS EV electronique” badge.