Are you in search of the cheapest Xiaomi phones? In this article, you will find the company’s terminals that are currently sold with the lowest price. We have selected devices that are relatively current and of sufficient quality for most users. If you are looking for a very cheap mobile phone, you should not demand too much, as the device may not meet too high expectations. That said, in the list, you will find terminals from 91 to 168 euros. Some areas popular as the Redmi Note 8 or the newly introduced Redmi Note 9.

The 5 cheapest Xiaomi phones that you can buy on Amazon

The cheapest Xiaomi phones of the moment: Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Go...

Xiaomi is one of the smartphone brands with the best quality/price ratio you can find on the market. This allows users to buy very cheap mobiles and find a better experience than other brands. Xiaomi includes better components and makes better smartphones with prices very similar to its competition. If you want a cheap mobile and you don’t care about the brand, the most interesting thing is to opt for Xiaomi. Here are the 5 cheapest Xiaomi phones from Amazon:

They are very popular devices and they are sold by millions worldwide. The most recommended is the latest release on the list, the Redmi Note 9, but if you can’t reach that budget there are other interesting options too. Terminals like Redmi 9 or Redmi 8 offer a fairly decent experience for just over 100 euros/dollars.

If you still want to adjust the budget more and not exceed the barrier of 100 euros/dollars, the Redmi Go is an option. It is one of the best mobiles you can find in this price range, although you should know its limitations: you will not be able to play with it and its hardware is sufficient to perform basic Android tasks.

The cheapest Xiaomi phones of the moment: Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Go...

If you have a budget limit of 150 euros/dollars, the most recommended Xiaomi smartphone is the Redmi Note 8. It is not the most current, but it is a great device that will offer you a great experience as long as you do not demand it as a high-end.

What do you think of these cheaper Xiaomi phones? Are you going to buy one?