The Cardano Foundation and the University of Zurich expand their academic research on blockchain

The Cardano Foundation and the University of Zurich expand their academic research on blockchain

The non-profit Cardano Foundation has announced a three-year collaboration with the University of Zurich Blockchain Center (UZH BCC) to promote research initiatives and explore the development of blockchain technology education..

Through this partnership, the foundation will work with the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (BDLT) group at the University of Zurich to explore research topics such as the effectiveness of consensus protocols and analyzing Ouroboros-specific attack vectors, among many others.

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According to the CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, the partnership allows the foundation to provide input to the UZH BCC to further the university’s knowledge of the Cardano platform while further developing Cardano itself. Gregaard also explained that:

“As blockchain moves from the fringes to popular adoption, considerably more academic research is required to improve understanding and ultimately achieve adoption. For this reason, we have even specifically indicated education as a central objective of the Foundation for the coming year.”

Dr. Claudio Tessone, professor at UZH, believes that the partnership will be beneficial to UZH, and the Cardano Foundation’s input is “invaluable for the co-creation of research questions and methodologies,” Tessone said.

Tessone explained that the goal of his organization is the advancement of the blockchain field. “Our goal is to link microbehavior with global properties of blockchain-based systems,” he said..

The importance of blockchain education was also highlighted at the recent MENA Climate Week event, organized by the United Nations and the Dubai government.. At the event, the panel noted that informational and educational content is something the climate action community needs.

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In the meantime, a report from an intelligence firm shows that institutions are getting into the Cardano platform. Large Transaction Volume, the aggregate volume of Cardano (ADA) transactions above $100,000 has increased 51x in March 2022.

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