The first payment will be for 4,000 pesos and will be made after the publication of results.

The second payment will be for 4,000 pesos and will be made, on a date after the beneficiary confirms in the Faculty or Campus of origin that they have concluded the degree process (they must present the documents that are required to prove it).

How to process the degree grant?

Those interested in applying for the scholarship should enter the page of the DGOAE or to Scholarship Portal to read the call and later register in the System INTEGRA , provide username, password and fill out the official application for admission to the scholarship, with the socioeconomic questionnaire indicated. Once the application has been finalized, they must print and keep the receipt issued by the INTEGRA System, which will serve as an acknowledgment of receipt.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to apply for the scholarship by contacting the “Scholarship Link” of your faculty or campus, and send the documentation that said schools require, to “Validate the Application”, through the INTEGRA System.

Applications that are not “Postulated” by the Faculty or Campus will not be considered for the assignment.

The reception of applications for applicants will be from October 08 to 20, 2021. This period is non-extendable. The “Scholarship Links” of the Faculties and Campus, may consult the report of registered applicants, and indicate the necessary documentation, to verify compliance with requirements and thus, apply through the INTEGRA system, in the “Application Module of aspirants ”. The above, from October 8 to 22, 2021.

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