‘The Bridgertons’ have a musical and it is also a success with the public and critics

‘The Bridgertons’ have a musical and it is also a success with the public and critics

We know that after almost a year and a half of waiting, you have aired all eight episodes of the second season of The Bridgertons And, although a third and fourth installment and even a spin-off have been confirmed, now it’s time to wait again for the airy dirty laundry of the most famous family in Regency London to arrive on Netflix. Meanwhile you can entertain yourself listening in loop The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical, the unofficial musical of the series that has just won a Grammy for best album in the category of stage musicals. A story as crazy as the one the series tells.

It all started in January 2021, with a song that I imagined what it would be like The Bridgertons if the series was a musical and that it went viral on TikTok. A) Yes, what started out as a joke by singer-songwriters Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear became an American Recording Academy award-winning album just a year later. This is what happened in between:

After the success of the first song, there was a second and users of the social network began to ask for more songs inspired by the famous period series. It was then that Barlow and Bear decided to take it seriously and in six weeks they composed the musical together, which, although it has never been performed on Broadway, came in just two hours after its release to #1 iTunes streams in the US and top 10 worldwide.


With permission from the series cast and crew, Barlow and Bear ewrote, produced, performed and recorded 15 original songs exploiting the hitherto untapped potential of The Bridgertons to be a musical. Following influences from musical theater, but also contemporary and pop music, the songs intersperse dialogues that place listeners at the exact moment of the fiction to which the theme alludes.

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Julia Quinn herself, author of the books on which the series is based, has given the album her blessing and has declared that she loves it. Although it has also received good reviews from media such as Forbes, Guardian or dead line. Part of the great success of this musical is that its composers transmitted live and in real time the creation process, generating dialogues and debates with fans through social networks. This made the audience feel part of the development and conception of the album that can be heard on streaming platforms.

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