The Boys: Where did the idea of ​​telling Black Noir’s story with cartoons come from?

The Boys: Where did the idea of ​​telling Black Noir’s story with cartoons come from?

During episode 7 of The Boys we saw revelations, fights, flashbacks and cartoons. Yes, the story of Black Noir was explained by animation. Why? We tell you what Eric Kripke, showrunner of the series, said in this note!

A series that never ceases to amaze us is TheBoys. Each chapter meets, exceeds expectations and surprises us, whether it’s with a great fight, a dance number or with cartoons. We saw this last case in episode 7 and the protagonist of that rather rare moment was BlackNoire. Eric Kripkethe showrunner of the series, explained why he told the story of the silent hero with cartoons.

Needless to say, if you haven’t seen Chapter 7 of TheBoys, beware of spoilers following. Among so many things revealed in this episode, one of the most striking was the one starring BlackNoir, after all not much was known about this superhero. This season not only showed us his face (ruling out one of the important events of the comic), but also let us see part of his past as a member of the team. payment.

The Boys: Where did the idea of ​​telling Black Noir's story with cartoons come from?

The Boys: Where did the idea of ​​telling Black Noir's story with cartoons come from?

Although he is now a member of The Seventhe masked BlackNoir He had a rather eventful past with payment and its leader, Soldier Boy. For this, when Not to go finds out that his former leader is persecuting those who were members of payment for betraying him in 1984, he decides to take off his tracker and go into hiding.

In episode 7 of season 3 of TheBoys we see that Not to go is hidden in an abandoned pizzeria in Buster Beaver. The weirdness begins when we see that this superhero has a relationship with cartoons, who seem to be his imaginary friends for several years. These little animals try to encourage BlackNoir and convince him that he doesn’t have to hide anymore from Soldier Boy.

To achieve their goal, the cartoons dress up as the members of payment and show us a kind of flashbacks of Not to go. One of these demonstrates how Soldier Boy physically and mentally abused BlackNoir (and other members of the team) to make it clear that he was the most powerful and important of payment.

Another flashback takes us back to Nicaragua in 1984, where we see what happened while Grace Mallory he was unconscious. The (now former) CEO of Vought, Stan Edgar, had proposed to BlackNoir deliver to Soldier Boy to the Russians and replace him with a superhero who is more powerful and can fly (Homelander). Given this and given the relationship between Not to go Y Soldier Boythe masked man accepts without hesitation.

Along with the rest of payment (less Gunpowder), Not to go is facing Soldier Boy, but before handing it over to the Russians, the parody of the Captain America he is permanently disfigured, brain damaged and unable to speak. Once the flashback ends, busters and the other cartoons encourage Not to go to face your fears, stop running from Soldier Boy and finish what he started.

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When they asked the showrunner of TheBoys the reason for using cartoons to tell the story of Black NoirEric Kripke he explained that he did not want to overuse flashbacks and bore the audience. In addition to this, the idea of ​​representing the past of Not to go through animation was born out of necessity and ingenuity.


We knew that he had to have his dark night of the soul alone, and that we would have to be inside his head because he has no one to talk to.”said Kripke to TVLine. On the other hand, he commented: “So the first notion was flashbacks, but direct flashbacks, one) can be a bit boring, and two) we already did them. [en el Episodio 3]. We had to have quite a battle to make them exciting. So I didn’t want to do it again.”

Also, Kripke added: “If there’s an idiosyncratic way I can tell a story, I’ll take it because it’s so much more fun to get out of the box and tell something unique. This notion of when [Noir] he’s lonely, like Snow White with cute animals fluttering around it, it just made me laugh”.

The Boys - Eric Kripke

Although this is the first time we see Not to go “interacting” directly with cartoons, TheBoys already left us certain indications of the superhero’s relationship with Buster Beaver. “It is strongly implied that [las criaturas de dibujos animados] they are always there. If you watch two or three episodes before, it’s drawing to Buster Beaver in the conference room. We even had a scene that he cut because he was just taking you out of the scene… where he was putting cans of beans in the corners of different scenes to imply that he is always feeding the animals”explained Kripke.

The twist of episode 7 that tells us that Soldier Boy is the biological father of Homelandercan make us understand that the agenda and priorities of Soldier Boy are no longer the same. Will he change teams and stop helping Butcher Y Hughie? We will find out on July 8, the date on which the last chapter of the season will premiere on Amazon Prime Video.