The book that manages to discover the client’s rules

The book that manages to discover the client’s rules

Serving the customer and generating experiences based on understanding that it serves to conquer it triggers a series of guidelines from which it is possible to understand the value of what is valid to attract the attention of the consumer.

Thus, it is possible to build a series of exercises from which the challenge assumed by brands is patented when it is necessary to innovate not only in understanding what matters when generating experiences, where the execution of ideas is essential.

Quality is crucial in customer service and vitamin in the growth that companies or businesses achieve in the market, where we see increasingly daring trends, such as those that have to do with the way a brand interacts in the market.

Increasingly, better quality of excellent service is needed if we want a company or business to continue to survive, and it is absolutely essential to do so in the projection, including strengthening. In this new book, Lee Cockerell develops in 39 short tips, his complete professional career, which includes years with all kinds of experiences in Disney amusement parks, known for the quality of attention to visitors.

Each of the rules that he develops are not wasted, from proposing to readers to be kind, understanding that customer service follows the law of gravity, to proposing dynamics such as wondering what mom would do, always acting professionally, and becoming a expert.

Another of the rules addressed in the work are to pay attention, be an imitator, fish where fishermen do not, learn to master the language, go from promises to guarantees and know the differences between needs and desires.

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The Client Sets The Rules

The book that manages to discover the client's rules

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