The Black friday It is a good time to enjoy your hobby with great offers both in games like hardware. It was barely a year since the Xbox Series S launched, but it has reached its all-time low on Amazon with an irresistible price. You can buy the Microsoft console for 269.95 euros, being the most prominent price throughout the week. So if you are thinking about Christmas presents, here you have a great idea for the family.

Xbox Series S is the smallest console and the digital version (without disc reader) from Microsoft. It went on the market with a price of 299.99 euros, but now you can get it on Amazon for 269.50 euros and then you have the purchase link. This means that it has a 10% discount on the official price that all video game fans can take advantage of. East white pattern comes with the Xbox Robot White Wireless Controller and is compatible with Xbox Series X and Xbox One games.

Xbox Series S Historic Low

If you are thinking about games to come soon, maybe it is time to buy one next generation console. This offer is the all-time low for Xbox Series S and matches on Black Friday 2021. It is certainly a unique opportunity considering the lack of stock of other consoles. If you also subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will be able to access dozens of games without having to buy all of them and online multiplayer.

On Xbox Series S you can play all new generation games like Forza Horizon 5 and everything that will come in the next few months. We do not know how long this offer can last, but it is already one of the Amazon Bestsellers on this Black Friday. If you want to find out about all offers in videogames, do not miss all our publications to get the best prices.

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