Argentina repeats first position while a Spanish winery reaches sixth place, can you guess which one it is?

10VIK Winery, Chile

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

VIK Winery, in the Millahue Valley (Chile), occupies 4,300 hectares that host a complete winemaking experience: expert tastings and visits to the winery, the Pavilion restaurant, a uodge to stay, horseback riding through the vineyards, country lunches in the organic garden and much more.

9Antinori nel Chianti Classico (Tuscany, Italy)

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Antinori nel Chianti Classico is located in the Italian region of Chianti Classico (Tuscany). The winery is the result of seven years of engineering and construction, built by Archea Associati and Hydea Engineering.

The winery dominates the field from a terrace surrounded by vineyards planted with the most typical Chianti Classico grape, Sangiovese, along with other varieties historically planted nearby: Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, Malvasia Nera and Mammolo.

8Quinta do Crasto, Portugal

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Quinta do Crasto, dedicated to the production of Douro and Port wine, is located in Gouvinhas, in the municipality of Sabrosa, in northern Portugal.

In the heart of the Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Quinta do Crasto benefits from exceptional conditions to produce the best quality wines and olive oils possible.

Every year, they produce around a million and a half bottles of wine, 40% sold is sold domestically and the rest is exported to 52 markets worldwide.

7Château Smith Haut Lafitte (Bordeaux, France)

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Château Smith Haut Lafitte, in the Bordeaux wine region of France, is the seventh-best wine tourism destination in the world.

Furthermore, they are pioneers in ecological initiatives such as chai furtif (literally, “stealthy winery”) and now they turn what was once wasted into a renewable resource by recycling CO2 into bicarbonate.

They also recover rainwater, recycle wastewater, have solar panels, transform vine cuttings into compost, etc.

6Wineries of the Heirs of the Marqués de Riscal (La Rioja Alavesa, Spain)

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Marqués de Riscal, in the town of Elciego, in the Rioja Alavesa, began its activity in 1858 and in 2006 created the City of Wine, a complex that includes the primary wineries, the most modern ones, the vineyards and a leisure complex in the that is the Hotel Marqués de Riscal, designed by Frank Gehry.

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It is the sixth-best vineyard in the world and the best in Spain.

5Robert Mondavi Winery (Napa Valley, United States)

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Robert Mondavi Winery, in the Napa Valley, is the fifth-best vineyard in the world and the best in North America.

When Robert Mondavi founded his eponymous winery in 1966, his vision was to create Napa Valley wines that would be on the world’s best list.

For more than four decades, Robert Mondavi Winery has led the California wine industry, and much of the world, with innovations in winemaking and winemaking.

4Montes, Chile

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Considered as one of the must-see sights in the Colchagua Valley, Montes is the fourth-best vineyard in the world, with more than 30 years producing high-end Chilean wines.

Today, they export to more than 100 countries and their wines have been recognized for their extraordinary and consistent quality.

3Domäne Wachau (Austria)

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Domäne Wachau, in Dürnstein (Austria), is the third-best vineyard in the world and the best vineyard in Europe.

Domäne Wachau climbs no less than 16 places on the list compared to 2019.

2Garzón Winery (Uruguay)

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Very close to the Uruguayan Atlantic coast and 160 meters above sea level, this vineyard was planted in a privileged terroir that gives its grapes a unique and unrepeatable character, which added to the temperate climate and organic practices developed in the plantations, allows to reflect in each wine the authentic character of the Bodega Garzón terroir.

Bodega Garzón ranks as the second-best vineyard in the world, just as it did in 2019.

1Zuccardi Valle de Uco (Mendoza, Argentina)

The best vineyards in the world in 2020

Zuccardi Valle de Uco, in Mendoza (Argentina), wins the title of best vineyard in the world for the second consecutive year.

Located at the foot of the Andres mountain range, the Uco Valley is the cultivated oasis with the highest altitude and here the vineyards benefit from the cold, dry climate and the great thermal amplitude.