Cooking more at home can significantly improve the quality of the diet since the preparations made outside our home are more concentrated in calories, fats, sodium and sugars than those that we can create with our own hands. If you don’t have time to cook but want to eat healthier, these tips can help you do just that..

First thing: organizing a menu and pantry

To have a quality diet and achieve healthy lifestyle habits, the organization of the routine is essential. Thus, if what we are looking for is to cook more but we do not have much time, it is key plan a menu or at least think about the meals that we can get to work in the next few days or throughout the following week.

Depending on the dishes we plan to prepare, we will make a food purchase for that our pantry provides us with everything we need when cooking.

How to plan your purchases and your weekly menus in a simple way

Organizing a menu or the meals that we can make and having everything in our pantry or refrigerator will be very useful to cook in a short time.

Advance steps to cook faster


Certain processes that we usually carry out when Cook They can take a long time, such as washing green leaves, cutting vegetables, cooking legumes or cereals and so on.

Therefore, something we can do to cook more if we do not have much time is take steps one day of the week.

Thus, we recommend one day (which may be after the purchase of the ingredients) washing, blanching, or cutting vegetables to have ready to use when cooking.

This can save us a lot of time, especially if we need green leaves, aubergine or some other cooked vegetable for a dish or if we need to cut a lot of vegetables to prepare a meal.

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Go to canned or certain frozen foods

Canned fish

Although we recommend that ultra-processed foods be reduced as much as possible if we seek to achieve a quality diet, certain foods that have passed through the industry can be very helpful. to eat healthier.

This is the case of canned vegetables or fish as well as vegetables, seafood and some fish frozen or canned vegetables.

With these ingredients, we can cook in less time with legumes or fish as well as certain vegetables saving us both washing or soaking and cooking.

Use the freezer as an ally


Cook in greater quantity each time we do it and freeze leftovers It can be very useful to solve meals throughout the week when we have less time to cook.

We can also cook many servings one day and freeze In labeled containers, plates for the whole week as proposed by the method called batch cooking.

We can also use the freezer to reserve vegetables that we have blanched and that we have not used quickly, or to storing filleted meat or fish and separated into ready-to-cook servings.

The benefits of batch cooking and how to organize yourself to cook in a few hours for the whole week

Use quick cooking methods


There are certain ingredients or dishes that we can prepare in minutes due to the cooking method they demand. Thus, for example, a sauté of vegetables and meat (especially if we already have the first washings and cuts) can be prepared in a few minutes.

We can also go to grilled cooking or to fish-based preparations that take very little cooking time.

Another alternative is use the microwave that allows very short cooking times and admits a variety of ingredients as well as dishes.

The best recipes to prepare in a short time

Taking into account the advice given above, we can improve the quality of our diet and cook more at home without requiring more time and effort in the kitchen.

Some recipes that we recommend and that can be prepared in a short time are:

Stuffed aubergines mussels

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