With Genshin Impact Update 2.1, new characters have arrived, including Kujou sara, an Electro archer from Inazuma. It is a character of 4 stars that acts like Support, as it can increase the damage of the rest of the team members.

In the following guide we leave you with all the information about the character and its construction so that you can get the most out of it.

Kujou Sara’s talents at Genshin Impact

Normal Attack – Tengu Bow Technique:Normal Attack: A combo of 5 rapid strikes with the bow that deals physical damage.Charged Attack: We will launch an arrow imbued with Electro.Descending Attack: We will hit the ground causing quite high physical damage.
ELEMENTARY SKILL: TENGU ELECTROINVOCATIONBack away with tengu speed and summon the protection of the raven feathersEnters the winged veil state for 18 secondsWhen Sara shoots a charged arrow, the Winged Veil will burn away and leave a raven feather at the location of the enemy it hit. In a short time, the pen will cause a curse tengu: Ambush that deals Electro Damage against enemies in the area, in addition to granting the character in use who was in that area an ATK Bonus proportional to Sara’s Basic ATK.Bonuses cannot be accumulated.
Appeasement – Path of Light:Tengu Curse: Slaughterers fall on the target location, dealing Electro Damage on AoE.4 consecutive Tengu Curses – Stonestorm dealing Electro Damage on AoE. The two curses grant the character in use that was in that area the same ATK Bonus that Sara’s Elemental Skill would grant. Tengu Electro Summon.
Immovable (Passive 1)Winged Veil of Tengu Electro Summon causes Precise Shot’s charge time to be reduced by 60%.
imperial decorum (passive 2)When the Tengu Curse: Ambush hits an enemy, Kujou Sara regenerates 1.2 pts. Elemental Energy for all team members for every 100% Energy Recharge they haveThis effect can occur once every 3 seconds.
FIELD INVESTIGATION (passive 3)Reduces the time required to complete an expedition in Inazuma by 25%.


Kujou Sara constellations

C1. Corvino EyeWhen a Tengu Curse grants a Character Bonus ATK or hits an enemy, the ToE of Tengu Electro Summon is reduced by 1 second (this can only occur once every 3 seconds).
C2. Jet wingsKujou Sara leaves at the location where she performed Tengu Electro Summon a raven feather that causes a Tengu Curse: Lower Power Ambush, which deals 30% of the original damage.
C3. Internal conflictIncrease the skill level Appeasement – Path of Light +3. It can be increased to Level 15.
C4. Conclusive EvidenceSara fires 2 more Electro bolts using the Ulti, which translates to some more damage.
C5. CURSED SONGIncrease Tengu Electro Summon skill level +3. It can be increased to Level 15.
C6. Sin of prideIncreases the CRIT Electro Damage of characters who have gained an ATK Bonus through a Tengu Curse by 60%.


The best skills and equipment for Kujou Sara in Genshin Impact

Weapons for Kujou Sara

HEAVENLY WINGS5 STARSGACHAPÓNIncreases CRIT Damage by twenty%. When hitting an enemy, there is a 60% chance to deal 125% Physical Damage in a small AoE. This effect can only occur once every 4 seconds. (Level 1)
alley hunter4 STARSGACHAPÓNWhen the character with this equipped weapon is on your team but not in combat, that character’s damage is increased by one 2% every 1s. At most, you can only get an increase of the twenty% in this way. 4s after that character is in use, the damage increase will decrease by one 4% every 1s until 0% is reached. (Level 1)
sacrificial bow4 STARSGACHAPÓNWhen dealing damage through an Elemental Skill, there is a 40% chance to reset the ToE of this ability. This effect can be activated once every 30 s. (Level 1)


Weapons for Kujou Sara

Artifacts for Kujou Sara

Ancient Ritual of Nobility

2 pieces: Ultimate Ability damage + 20%.

4 pieces: After casting an Ultimate Skill, increase the ATK of all team members by 20% for 12 sec. This effect cannot stack.


The best skills and equipment for Kujou Sara in Genshin Impact