There are still a few weeks until the Black friday but there are many companies that are heating up with offers already at the beginning of the month. It is the case of the Spanish Cecotec with its online store, in which these days we can already get some of their most popular kitchen appliances at deeply discounted prices.

The multifunction robots and oil-free fryers They are two of the most desired small appliances in recent years, and the Cecotec brand has in its catalog some of the best sellers in our country. The Mambo range, with many models updated since its first launch, is one of the most popular and has managed to stand up to other older brands and higher prices.

But they are still devices whose cost is to think it over, so promotions such as Black Friday deals they are a good opportunity to get more than juicy discounts. This is an appetizer of what is to come, offers for early risers who do not want to risk the probable lack of stock that will arrive the closer we get to Christmas.

Mambo 9090 food processor

This kitchen robot has 30 different functions, numerous speeds and plenty of accessories. Includes the exclusive MamboMix kneading spoon, ceramic-coated Habana jug, built-in scale, 3.3-liter stainless steel dishwasher-safe jug, boil basket for four-level cooking, and a comprehensive cookbook.

We find it very close to its historical minimum price, at 279.00 229 euros, a 17% discount compared to its usual price. It has a two-year guarantee and shipping is done, free of charge, in 24-72 working hours.

Cecotec Mambo 9090 - Multifunction food processor with integrated scale

Cecotec Mambo 9090 – Multifunction food processor with integrated scale

Pack of two Mambo 10090 robots


It may sound like a strange offer, but if we have a hospitality business or organize ourselves with a friend or family member, this pack of two robots Cecotec Mambo 10090 can be a more than interesting option. The couple is offered together at a single price of 549.00 euros, when an individual robot already costs 339.00 euros. Another idea may be to buy one for our house and another for a gift.

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This Mambo model stands out for the built-in app that allows you to operate it from your smartphone or tablet, with unlimited step-by-step guided recipes, predefined modes for ease of use and DIY manual system. It also has the usual features of the robot line, a 3.3-liter jug, its 30 kitchen functions and various accessories. They also have a two-year warranty and free shipping in 24-72 business hours.

Pack 2 kitchen robots Cecotec Mambo 10090 with App

Pack 2 kitchen robots Cecotec Mambo 10090 with App

Advance InoxDark oil-free fryer

Deep fryer

For only 86.90 69.90 euros we now find the brand’s best-selling oil-free fryer, with a 19% discount. The Cecofay Advance Inoxdark has a 3.5-liter capacity and stainless steel finishes, 1500W of power and eight pre-configured automatic cooking modes.

Your thermostat allows regulate the temperature from 80ºC to 200ºC and can be programmed up to 60 minutes. The front control panel is tactile and features PerfectCook air technology for more precision cooking.

It also includes two-year warranty and free shipping, but in this case we have to wait a bit to receive it at home, as it will leave the brand’s warehouses as of 11/12/2021.

Cecotec oil-free fryer Cecofry Advance InoxDark

Cecotec oil-free fryer Cecofry Advance InoxDark

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