It seems that the province of Malaga maintains an idyll with the world of Russian salad. Or so the San Sebastián Gastronomika contests prove it, which in its last three editions have awarded Malaga restaurants as the favorite destinations to enjoy this pleasure.

It is not that great salads are not consumed outside of Malaga, nor outside of Andalusia, but it seems that this art of mixing mayonnaise, potato, egg and some marine touch it is an Andalusian heritage.

In 2021 It was the turn of the Tragatá restaurant, in Ronda, the more informal and affordable alternative of chef Benito Bardal (who in the city of ‘Tagus’ also runs Bardal, with two Michelin stars).

The dictatorship of the Russian salad from Malaga

Four editions have been held in San Sebastián Gastronomika and Malaga restaurants have been taken three times the cat to the water. Candado Golf opened for sale, in the city of Malaga, and in 2019 the Chinchín Puerto restaurant, in Caleta de Vélez, won the award.

Now it’s up to an indoor restaurant, where chef Daniel Moreno – Gómez’s second in command in Tragatá – has given a twist to the Russian salad.

The recipe, simple in essence. New potato mashed with a fork, green beans, hard-boiled egg, carrot, tuna belly and what the creators call “pickled and spicy edges”.

In statements to the press, Benito Gómez is committed to a mustard tip and a little black pepper. Also, marinate the belly flakes in an emulsion of piparras juice and tuna oil.

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Images | San Sebastian Gastronomika

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