The best resolution webcams that can be found

The best resolution webcams that can be found

Editing the recorded

In line with the previous point, you should take into account if you are going to need to edit what you record with your webcam, for example, to upload a video to Youtube. This point is important, since the recording in 4K it is ostensibly heavier than Full HD recording.

In this sense, if you plan to edit the video, you must have a computer that can move this type of graphics smoothly. In addition, it will be advisable to have a larger capacity hard drive.

A matching connection

Similarly, you should keep in mind that broadcast in 4K smoothly you must have a good fiber optic connection. Here, the upload MB offered by your provider matters a lot, which should be at least 50 MB per real second so that you can stream without problems of drops or lags.

The camera is not everything

Finally, remember that no matter how good the resolution of your webcam is, in the end, it will only capture the reality of your room. By this we mean that it is of no use to you to have a 4K resolution if you neglect aspects as important as the lighting or the background of your transmission.

Before you get one camera from quality, we recommend you plan where it will be placed, what type of lighting you have in the place where you plan to use it and any additional aspects that you can improve, such as sound.

All in order that you video call or you transmission in streaming is as professional as possible. In other words, that you can make the most of your investment in one of the webcams with the highest resolution that we are going to show you below.

Webcams with Full HD resolution

We start by looking at some of the best webcams with full HD resolution that you can find in the market. Moderately priced options that will allow you to get a great transmission quality in your video calls or streaming.

Creative Live! Cam 1080p V2: economical and functional

Yes with the Live! Cam 1080p Creative gave us one of the cheapest webcams on the market, its version V2 It slightly improves the software and the integrated dual microphones to finish offering a well-rounded package. In addition, it offers a privacy cover, so you can put it on or take it off manually.

Its system allows recording with resolution Full HD to 30fps and it has a wide field of view of 77 degrees to take in everything that comes your way. In addition, it has the plug ang play mode to use it as soon as it is connected and it is compatible with both PC and Mac.

Elgato Facecam: 60fps quality

The cat is one of the specialized video manufacturers that best care for the products they launch on the market and their face cam was not going to be an exception. For starters, this webcam offers recording Full HD at 60fps, which makes a pretty big difference to other models on the list.

In fact, it is so designed in the world of streaming that it does not have an integrated microphone. A good option to ‘force’ the user to use their own external microphone. However, it makes up for this with premium features like top-tier optics and a 2/4 focal aperture to capture more light, and a built-in 10mm sensor. Sony Starvis CMOS to get the best quality photos and videos.

Razer Kiyo Pro: with HDR

With the Razer KiyoPro you can be sure to take home one of the best webcams for streaming. Thanks to its adaptive light sensor, it is capable of adapting the lighting it picks up to various situations, so that you always get the optimal result in your transmissions.

As for its resolution, it has 1080p recording at 60 fps without compression and adds an amazing HDR mode to offer a better range of colors. Features designed for streamers, complemented by a wide angle lens with adjustable field of view (FOV).

Mevo Camera: a complete suite

Mevo offers one of the most complete multi-recording equipment that we have seen in a comfortable pack, which can be a more than interesting alternative if you are looking to set up your own set to record videos with several cameras.

However, his version Start, which only includes one camera, it is also a great option to use it as a webcam. It has Full HD resolution at 30 fps and an internal battery in case you want to shoot shots outdoors.

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Webcams with 4K resolution

If you decide to jump to 4Kyour eyes will thank you. This resolution is perfect for watching videos on a smart TV, for example, and greatly improves the details, fluidity and range of colors that the cheapest ones capture.

Logitech Brio Stream: 4K with HDR

Inside of highest range from webcam What does it offer? Logitech we found the Brio Stream. Specifically, its 4K model offers a resolution of up to 4096 x 2160 pixels and at 30 fps, which guarantees that your streams will always look fantastic in terms of details.

In addition, thanks to its high dynamic radius of action technology (HDR) Y Right Light 3 It is capable of offering a more complete range of colors and they adapt to the light conditions that you have in your room. And in case you want to increase the fps even more, it has a mode from 720 to 90 fps.

Dell UltraSharp: cheaper impossible

Another of the best alternatives on the market is the Dell UltraSharp. Is webcam It has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 fps and has an optical sensor capable of taking 8.3 MP images. An excellent device for both streaming and making video calls with the highest quality.

In addition, this device has 2D technology Noise Reduction, which offers you extra features to improve the quality of your video. For example, automatic white balance and framing or ambient noise reduction when there are low light conditions.

Jabra PanaCast: the most panoramic

Although it is not well known in Spain, the Jabra brand offers one of the best webcams on the market for making video calls. Clearly focused on group video calls, the panacast offers an interesting solution to cover a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

To do this, the device includes 3 cameras that are combined to obtain a complete image of the room, no matter how close the camera is placed. In addition, it has two integrated microphones and offers a 4K resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps.

AverMedia 510: 4K easy and fast

Arriving directly from Taiwan, the AverMedia 510 It boasts of being one of the easiest cameras to configure on the market, thanks to its plug and play mode. In addition, it has high-quality optics that allow you to take full advantage of its 4K resolution at 25 fps.

It has a wide viewing range of 85 degrees and is capable of working at a minimum distance of only 10 centimeters, which makes it ideal if you have little space on your desk.

Ipevo V4K Ultra High Definition: a support of 10

The Ipevo V4K Ultra High Definition It is specifically designed for the educational world, since it has a gooseneck type support with which you can quickly focus on paper documents or slides. This same multi-jointed support allows you to be in any position comfortably, which is a great advantage.

It also has an 8 megapixel camera that offers 4K resolution up to 3264 x 2448 pixels and 15 fps to capture all kinds of details. And as if that were not enough, it has a built-in microphone and a direct access button to take pictures quickly.

BONUS: Imaging Edge Webcam – Highest Quality

We have left for the end what we think is the best way to transmit video, as long as you have a camera Alpha from Sony, Clear. with the app Imaging Edge Webcam Sony you can connect your reflex camera and use it as a webcam in a simple way.

This is an unbeatable option, since you can use the mode of 4K recording of your camera to get the best resolution. But, above all, because any SLR lens you have, even low-end ones, will offer you many more possibilities than a webcam. So if you have a Sony SLR, you already have a webcam.

The webcams with the highest image quality

As we have seen, the market for webcam offers endless possibilities for all kinds of audiences and uses. However, it seems that the streaming and the video calls Professionals have ended up imposing themselves as the two main activities, towards which the characteristics of these devices are focused.

So, if you are more of the former and want to obtain superior image quality, as long as your internet connection allows it, we recommend the Logitech Brio Stream. With this camera you can take your live shows to the next level quickly and easily.

If what interests you most are the most professional video calls, there is nothing like the Jabra PanaCast, which literally gives you three cameras in one. An option with which you will obtain a panoramic range of vision of the widest so that you will never be left out of the meeting again.