The best options for a healthy snack, perfect to replace French fries

The best options for a healthy snack, perfect to replace French fries

Among the appetizers and snacks that we usually consume after a meal without a doubt; potato chips or potato chips are very common, highly addictive and of poor nutritional quality. Therefore, we leave the best options for a healthy snack that allow us to replace French fries lifelong.

French fries: under the magnifying glass

its addictive nature, or the reason why we cannot eat a single potato chip is the combination of ingredients such as starch typical of the potato, together with a considerable amount of fats that derive from frying and are accompanied by sodium or salt in appreciable proportions.

All these nutrients, together with the crunchy texture French fries or potato chips are the reason why we cannot stop easily after we have started to consume them.

It’s about a very little satiating snack addictive and concentrated in calories, which does not offer any quality nutrient for the body and therefore, we recommend avoiding it or replacing it with much healthier options.

Healthy Homemade Alternatives to Replace French Fries

Of course, potato chips of industrial origin and often with little-known ingredients that are typical of ultra-processed ones, are not easy to replace. However, if we want to improve the quality of our diet or avoid unhealthy ingredients, we recommend one of the following homemade alternatives:

Potato chips or other baked vegetables

Avoiding frying which adds a lot of fat and crunchy texture to vegetables without offering quality nutrients, we can prepare potato chips and baked sweet potatoes or make similar preparations with other vegetables such as aubergine, cucumber, zucchini and carrot chips.

We can also use the microwave to make very light potato chips that have nothing to envy to commercial options.

Is about much lighter alternatives and equally tasty that we can enjoy as an aperitif with guacamole and other nutritious sauces.

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Nuts and seeds based snacks

Fried almonds

Nuts and seeds They are naturally crunchy ingredients that require chewing and offer fiber in high proportions, easily satiating the body.

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They are source of unsaturated fats beneficial for the body and we can consume them as such or prepare them roasted in the oven with various spices as well as we can create some seeds or toasted pumpkin seeds without more, some almonds fried in the microwave very simple to make or prepare crackers with these ingredients Crisp very appetizing but satisfying and healthy.

Legume-based snacks


The vegetables They are foods of low caloric density that offer vegetable proteins in high proportions as well as fiber that provides satiety to the organism.

We can use them in a similar way to nuts and seeds to make roasted and spiced baked chickpeas or we can create with them some bean and couscous sandwiches, some baked spiced edamames or a mini bean and eggplant meatballs that provide a crunchy texture and can be served as a replacement for French fries bag along with some homemade sauce.

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Other plant-based options


The vegetables and the fruits They are undoubtedly highly recommended alternatives to use in various dishes, being very useful at the moment to create light and healthy salty snacks that we can taste as a replacement for potato chips.

Recommended options based on vegetables that we can taste in the aperitif are some crunchy roasted carrot sticks, some tomatoes stuffed with avocado and eggs, or some celery with a top of cheese and olives that will demand chewing and will satisfy easily.

More healthy alternatives to replace french fries

Polenta sticks

In addition to all the aforementioned options, we can create at home some crispy sticks of polenta baked in the oven without gluten inside; chard, ham and cheese skewers; melon skewers with salmon or endives stuffed with salmon, cheese and avocado, very low in carbohydrates.

All these options can help us reduce the consumption of ultra-processed how are commercial snacks, including potato chips, and be useful to considerably improve the quality of our diet.

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