the best moments of a gala that crowns Olivia Rodrigo as the best pop artist of the year

the best moments of a gala that crowns Olivia Rodrigo as the best pop artist of the year

The 64th edition of those who are the most important awards in the music industry They have been held in the early hours of this Sunday, April 3 to Monday, April 4 in Las Vegas. They have done it in the shadow of the slap that just a week before Will Smith gave Chris Rock at the Oscars but with his own controversy with Kanye West as the protagonist.

The rapper added five Grammy nominations this year for his album donda, however, he has been banned by the organization due to his aggressive behavior on social networks in recent months. For their part, Foo Fighters, who ended up winning three awards tonight and were also planning to perform, they had to cancel his assistance on the death of his drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

For the rest, J Balvin (with María Becerra) has served a medley Live from those who perreo to the ground, Olivia Rodrigo has made us shed tears with her Driver License and Billie Eilish has given us goosebumps again. Among others, Lady Gaga has also performed, paying a special tribute to Tony Bennett, BTS and John Legend. In addition, handing out jukeboxes we have seen a parade of celebrities like Dua Lipa, Lenny Kravitz, Jared Leto or Avril Lavigne.

Despite the fact that the Grammys initially had to be postponed due to the coronavirus, the evening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena is being lived. so far, with total pre-pandemic normality. 86 are the prizes awarded by the US Recording Academy, divided into two ceremonies: the televised one, with the most important categories, and the Premiere Ceremony, with a stone of genres, styles and modalities, where Juanes has taken C Tangana the Grammy for Best Latin or Alternative Rock Album by The Madrilenian and Pablo Alborán has also been left without the best Latin pop album.

For the rest, the Grammys started this year with Jon Batiste as the most nominated, with eleven awards from the Academy and has won the most important award: Album of the year. Following him with eight each: HER (best traditional R&B performance), Justin Bieber (who has left with nothing) and Doja Cat (best duo or group performance), with eight each; and Billie Eilish (who has left empty) and Olivia Rodrigo, with seven. Although the big surprise was given by Silk Sonic (a duo formed by Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars), who have triumphed with the Grammys for song of the year and recording of the year for the beautiful Leave the Door Open.

Queen Olivia

With her first single, Olivia Rodrigo managed to connect both with those who were suffering their first disappointments in love, and with those who already believed they were back from everything and suddenly, as if it were a regression to the past induced by her lyrics, they felt transported to those days of tenderly raw feelings. It’s the magic of Driver License, which could not not sound live tonight. In fact, Rodrigo has taken the car to the stage. Even though he has been left without the Grammy for song of the year, he has managed to win best new artist, best pop solo performance and best pop album.

Although what the networks have unexpectedly vibrated with is the conversation in the ear starring the Californian and one of the members of the Korean band BTS during the intro of their presentation at the Grammys. By the way they are the first South Korean band to perform at these awards.

Allusion to “the Will Smith thing”

Questlove won the Oscar for Best Documentary for Summer of Soul right after Will Smith famously slapped Chris Rock. At the Grammys, the musician, journalist and producer has been in charge of presenting the award in the category of best song of the year and has not hesitated to express before the microphone his wish that everyone stay “500 feet away”in what seemed like a clear allusion to what happened at the Oscars.

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Billie Eilish pays tribute to Taylor Hawkins

The death of the Foo Fighters drummer shocked the world on March 25. The group has therefore had to cancel its tour and its presence at the Grammys. However, Billie Eilish wanted Taylor Hawkins to be in Las Vegas tonight and has paid tribute to him by wearing a t-shirt with his face on it during his live performance of Happier than Ever. With her he has unleashed a real storm, and not in a metaphorical sense.

Eilish has made it literally rain on stage, complete with thunder. A spectacular performance that has excited his main rival of the night: Olivia Rodrigo, who was crying in the audience. However, the fact that they are opponents is a saying because the camaraderie between the artists has been noted throughout the gala with gestures such as the aforementioned or Billie’s euphoria when the singer of Good 4 U He has won his first Grammy.

Donatella Versace tears off part of Dua Lipa’s dress

Don’t panic, Donatella Versace hasn’t had a Will Smith-style fit of rage or Justin Timberlake in the Superbowl. Everything has been a small theater in which the rapper Megan Thee Stallion wore the same Versace as the British. Given the complaint of both, who thought they would be the only ones in the ceremony with said model, the Italian designer has gone up to solve it and He has torn off part of Dua Lipa’s skirt, which has been left with leather pants and a very short black dress. By the way, the gag was inspired by an iconic moment from 1998 with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

Zelensky’s message

The music industry has not wanted to forget about the ongoing war in Europe despite living its big party. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has sent a recorded message asking people to tell the truth about what is happening on social networks and on television. In addition, he has recalled the importance of music in times of war: “The musicians sing to the wounded in hospitals and asked people to help” in any way possible “. Later, John Legend has interpreted the new theme of him Free, and he has done it accompanied by Ukrainian artists. He has been one of the most emotional moments of the night.


Lady Gaglamor

On Love for Sale, Lady Gaga’s latest album with Tony Bennett, the duo covers Cole Porter. It has been one of the most acclaimed of the last year. However, at 95 and battling Alzheimer’s, Bennett has not been able to attend the ceremony. So Lady Gaga has interpreted some of her most iconic songs for the two of them, such as Love for Sale and Do I Love You?, bringing jazz and glamor to the MGM Grand Garden. Billie Eilish was so living in the public that she has not been cut when applauding and cheering the performance.


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