Windows Phone is a project whose future seems to be already sentenced. Although, the good part is that Microsoft is still very involved in the world of smartphones. Since the American company launches many applications for mobile phones. In this way, we can enjoy its software on our Android phone. In addition, this is something that is going very well for the company.

The best Microsoft apps for Android

Since they keep releasing more and more applications for Android. Therefore, if you are a follower of Microsoft software and want to have it on your mobile, you are in luck. Here we leave you with the best Microsoft applications available for Android.

The Redmond company has created many applications for phones with the Google operating system. Something that makes the selection somewhat complex. But, there are a few that you should have installed on your phone. What applications is it?

Microsoft To-Do

This application has a very simple operation. Its main task is to remind us of tasks, appointments or things that we have to do. It is necessary to emphasize especially the design of the same. Since in addition to making it very easy to use, it stands out for being very visual and everything is in harmony. Also, as is usual in company applications, its integration with others is great. In this case with Office 365. It allows you to see your tasks on any device.

Downloading this application for Android is completely free. Inside there are no purchases or advertisements.

Microsoft OneNote

A name that surely sounds familiar to many, since it is one of the most popular note applications on the market. The main advantage of it is that it integrates very well with other applications of the company. Either Office or email. So you can get much more out of it this way. In addition, we can use it from any device. Another detail that makes it very interesting.

We can download the Android application for free from the Play Store. Also, there are no purchases or advertisements inside.

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Office Lens

It is one of the best tools that the company has created for mobiles. Thanks to it we can scan documents using the phone’s camera. Once scanned we can convert them to various formats such as Word, PDF or PowerPoint. So it offers us many options and above all, it stands out for being easy to use. So scanning documents is easy. Its syncing with OneDrive also deserves a positive point.

The application is available free for Android phones. Also, there are no ads or purchases inside it.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s browser and that little by little has become an alternative to others such as Chrome or Firefox. Many did not give a penny for this browser, although the company has done things very well. It has a clean, simple and very comfortable to use design. In addition, it offers us additional functions that make it stand out. For example, we can resume the web that we had open on our mobile phone directly on our computer. Things like this make it a very complete option.

We can download this browser in its version for Android completely free. Also, you have no additional purchases.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
  • Microsoft Launcher Screenshot
  • Microsoft Launcher Screenshot
  • Microsoft Launcher Screenshot
  • Microsoft Launcher Screenshot
  • Microsoft Launcher Screenshot

Thanks to this launcher you can customize the phone’s home screen so that you can make more efficient use of it. Although, it also has its limitations in terms of customization. But, it makes up for it with features like syncing with your Microsoft account. In addition, in general, it has a good design, which stands out for being very intuitive. So you may find it comfortable to use.

Downloading this application for Android is free. Again, it has no ads or purchases inside.

These five applications are possibly the most outstanding and the ones that you should definitely consider installing on your Android phone. Since all of them are extremely useful and also stand out for being easy to use.

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