the best locations for your castle and tips when building it

the best locations for your castle and tips when building it

If you are looking for the perfect place to build your castle in V Rising, surely this guide with the best locations and advice will be of great help to you to choose from where to start in your farms and night kills.

Next we will show you a v-rising map with three best areas to build your castle. After that, the advice you should follow so that your fortress is as useful as it is impregnable.

The best locations to build your castle

It’s a good idea to go a little outside the limits of the first area to start your first castle on the farms in the center of the map. there you will be in a central area near caves and portals with two very important nearby areas for farming.

For your second option, we will go west in search of that silver that we will have to take swiftly and quickly to our base so as not to suffer too much damage from it. That area is also near caves and portals

Finally, to the northern forest, where in addition to farming materials you have a complete subway line to the entire map based on caves and portals. Undoubtedly the most comfortable place to travel from one place to another.

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Tips on where to build your castle in V Rising

here are some tips on castles and V Rising that will be of great help to know where to place your dwelling:

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  • always close to portals and cavesyou will need them both at the beginning and at the end of the game and you will save yourself creating one.
  • You can check how far you can build before placing the heart of the castle.
  • very attentive to nearby resources. Enjoying the most basic at a stone’s throw is always appreciated.
  • Avoid corners and long walks, better look for areas that are accessible from various points on the map.
  • Create rooms thinking about how you will take advantage of them. Walls and floors will be key to improving your manufacturing statistics.
  • If you play in PvP, look for height and billet enemies near your base for defense.

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