The best Korean series on Netlix

The best Korean series on Netlix

Have you finished the Squid game and do you want more? Don’t you stop hearing about this one? or just do you want to see a new series in Netflix?

Today we bring you the best korean series what can we find in Netflix, for all tastes and for all audiences, in this list you will find series where we will delve from the depths of the Korean mafia to series that will make you tear a tear and move you with their love stories.

The best Korean series on Netflix

The Squid Game

Let’s start this list high, the mega hit of Netflix that everyone talks about. If you have not yet been able to enjoy this work, it can become a good start to enter all these Korean series that we will be discussing.

A Survival game, where the prize for the survivor will be a large amount of money. The participants will be a group of people, all of them with something in common, they have economic difficulties. Will they manage to survive this macabre game?

The squid game currently has a season that covers 9 episodes. Important announcement, if you are a squeamish person or have a hard time when scenes appear gore, this series may not be for you, just as it is not advisable for the little ones in the house.

My Name

A new series that in its few days since its launch has managed to have a very good criticism, we leave behind the macabre games of the squid game and we enter a suspense series.

A woman seeks revenge after the death of his father, to make his plan succeed he decides to trust the powerful boss of a criminal network and under his orders he decides infiltrate the police upon discovering that his father was killed by an officer.

My name has a season of 8 chapters.


A young boy who traveled to Italy after being adopted by Don Fabio, boss of the Cassano mafia. There it was renamed as Vincenzo and he became a lawyer and Don Fabio’s right hand man. Once his adoptive father dies, Don Fabio’s biological son wants to kill Vincenzo, he will flee to Seoul, where he proposes to recover a large amount of gold hidden in Geumga-dong Square.

Vincenzo has a season with 20 chapters.

Sweet home

Fancy a series of terror? Then Sweet home is the right choice. A strange virus roams the world, this virus turns human beings into bloodthirsty monsters of all kinds, each one more heinous. A troubled teenager and his neighbors try to survive and hold on to their humanity.

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Sweet home has a season with 10 episodes.

Love alarm

Now we totally change the theme and go to one of the most famous series in terms of K-Drama it is about, Love alarm. Imagine creating a app for mobile and that every time you are 10 meters away from the person you like, this app sounds. A way to know 100% if your feelings are real and those of the rest. Well in Love alarm there is this app and our protagonist Kim jo jo, decides that he does not want to use it, in a world where everything revolves around it. All this will unleash insecurities and problems when deciding who to love.

Love alarm has two seasons, the first with 8 episodes and the second with 6 episodes. So much was the success of this series that the mobile application exists and you can download it.

Even so

The last big hit in terms of K-Dramas we mean, better known as Nevertheless, a highly anticipated series that is now available.

Yoo Na Bi is a college girl in her twenties who wants to be in a relationship even though she doesn’t believe in love and Park Jae Eon is the biggest flirt and heartbreaker that exists in college. During the university both will know love and this will generate different situations between the two young people.

Even so, has a season with 10 episodes. The series is based on the webtoon “I Know But” by Jung SeoAs it is a series based on a comic, you can see the difference when it comes to dealing naturally with topics such as homosexuality or sex, two topics that are not usually common in Korean love series.

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

And finally we have Strong Woman Do Bong-soon a series that apart from betting on him romantic gender also has a lot of humor.

A woman with superhuman strength who has inherited this gift, is hired by the CEO of a game company to be his bodyguard. The dream of Do bong-soon is to create her own video game based on herself, with the excuse of being the bodyguard of the head of this company, she begins her adventure within the company, what she surely did not expect was that love was included in the contract.

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon has a season with 16 chapters and a special.

This small list ends here, did you know any of these series? If so, which ones should there be?