October is arriving and the little ones (and not so little ones) of the house begin to think endlessly about Halloween. This celebration, which has been with us for many years, also has its place in the kitchen. Especially from the hand of the cake shop, with monster recipes ranging from Oreo spiders to mummy cookies (to many other shapes).

Although to give that touch of “fear” to our recipes on many occasions we just have to be ingenious and put some kind of “eye” or “blood” on our plate, the truth is that molds they are very helpful to us. Especially when baking muffins, cakes or biscuits on the occasion of this celebration: they help us to easily get very realistic shapes.

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That is why we wanted to make a selection of n molds with the most chilling shapes (but fun) so you can make all kinds of sweets with your children these days:

CINNAMON COOKIES, raisins and walnuts American style

For cakes and muffins

Leuké pumpkin mold

Leuke 3d mold

If there is a main food on Halloween, it is undoubtedly the pumpkin, both at the table at lunchtime and in the home decoration itself. That is why this Leuké mold seems to us the most ideal.

It is made in 100% platinum silicone, a plus both when baking (because it resists up to 220º C) and post-baking. Since being so flexible and non-stick it is very easy to extract the cake. It is also dishwasher safe and contains a recipe booklet inside. 19.79 euros.

Leuké pumpkin mold

Leuké pumpkin mold

Pumpkin mold

Pumpkin Mold 2

If you are looking for a pumpkin but you don’t want the whole shape, but a more animated version with a face, this is your mold. In addition to being split in half, it has hollow nose, mouth and eye holes. Something that we can use to fill them with whatever you prefer (jam, fruits, chocolate …) and give an extra touch of flavor to the cake.

It is made in non-stick metal, which prevents the dough from sticking and makes it easier for us to unmold the cake. Its dimensions are 27.84 x 26.92 x 3.94 cm. 15.99 euros.

Pumpkin mold

Six cupcake mold

Cupcake Molds

If instead you like the muffin than cupcakes, this silicone mold is perfect for you. Being a single piece it is much more practical, because we can fill it easily without having to move from one mold to the other.

Has a finish non-stick ideal so that the dough does not stick to us and to be able to extract them quickly and easily. In addition to making muffins, we can also use this mold for ice, caramel, bread or jelly, among other things. It includes a small hole to hang it in the kitchen or wherever we want and always have it at hand. 9.99 euros.

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Cupcake mold

For cookies

If you are more of making cookies Than biscuits and cakes, these cookie cutters and molds sets are sure to enchant you. We have included both larger and smaller packs, depending on the variety and quantity you plan to make:

Set of 6 molds

Cookie Mold

If you are looking for the most characteristic and recognizable Halloween shapes, this mold is ideal. It includes six different cookie cutters, with shapes of: witch hat, ghost, bat, candy, pumpkin or black cat.

So having so much variety they are ideal for making cookies without getting bored. They are made in 430 food grade stainless steel (BPA-free), so they resist stains very well, are easy to clean and do not warp easily. 8.99 euros (before 9.99 euros).

Set of six cookie cutters

Set of six cookie cutters

Set 4 pasta cutters with ejector

Pasta Cutter With Ejector

This game of pasta cutter It’s denied-proof in the bakery, promised. Because in addition to the cutter it includes a ejector, so the cookie will not stick to the mold. We just have to press and the cookie will be cut with the shape we are using.

It includes four different ways: a pumpkin, a ghost, a (haunted) house and a witch hat. They have more than 250 positive reviews and are one of the best sellers on Amazon. 9.66 euros.

Set of four pasta cutters with ejector

Set of four pasta cutters with ejector

Set of 13 molds

Mold 13 Cookies

If you are looking for much more variety of ways when making cookies, this 13-piece set is definitely for you. It includes from the most basic, such as a ghost or a bat, to spiders and skulls.

All molds are made of stainless steel, with smooth edges for a more uniform and precise cut without any type of deformation. For this reason they are also very easy to clean. Its dimensions (although each one is different) are: 2 cm high, 4 cm – 7 cm wide and 6 cm – 8 cm long. 9.59 euros.

Set of 13 cookie molds

Set of 13 cookie molds

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