If you need to send large files to a friend or you are the one who needs that file that occupies so much, you can always use a cloud service such as Dropbox or Drive, but if you no longer have capacity in them or you want a tool that is specific for it, We are going to show you alternative rods to the well-known WeTransfer, totally free.

For send large filesUnless our cloud storage is huge, tools that are prepared for it are usually used.

The best known is WeTransfer, but it may be that you do not want to use it and prefer to have alternatives that do not involve any type of expense. Well, we will show you some of those that are on the network.

Once you know them and try them, you will be able to tell if they really measure up to what you expect from them or if they do not exceed your expectations.

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SendGB It is one of the best alternatives we have right now to WeTransfer.

It allows us to transfer you 5 GB of information without having to register, in addition to being able to choose how long we want the files to be stored on your server.

Something that we find very interesting is that the box where we load has an option of self destruction.

This means that we are going to add all the email addresses that we want the information to be downloaded, so that it self destruct when the last of the emails has entered and downloaded everything.

Files up to 250 GB can be stored for free for 90 days and those who are bigger will be automatically deleted after seven days.

In any case, it has a payment service with which you can get the files to be present for up to a year for only two euros, called SendGB Extend.


We are facing an alternative to WeTransfer, but a little different in the usual operation of this type of tool.

It is a website for share files peer to peer (P2P), that is, we are facing a kind of torrent, but without a client involved. Something really good is that we don’t have no limit file size.

There is not no type of server involved in the transaction, which is done directly from one computer to the others. The advantage is that everything will be done faster, since there is no file uploaded to any server.

The person who picks it up you don’t have to wait to anyone, it goes directly to our computer to get the file that we have shared and downloads it to theirs, taking more or less, depending on the connection that is enjoyed.

Cend does not require any type of registration, so will create a password and link, what will help someone else to download the file on their device. Of course, the tab with the tool must be kept open by both parties, until the file is on the computer of the person who downloaded it.

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The best option for sharing photo albums is Transfer XL. Allows us transfer up to 5 GB, storing the images for a week, long enough for anyone we have given permission to download them.

Something that is really useful is the thumbnail preview that TranferXL creates from each of the images we post, which helps to better choose those to be downloaded.

If we want to download all the images that are loaded, there is an option with which we can have them on the computer through a ZIP file something that would be extremely more comfortable.

You can choose the servers where they are stored the files, in addition to encrypting them for greater security against possible attacks or problems.


Sharedrop is a tool that wants to imitate Apple’s Airdrop system. That is, send files between devices connected to the same WiFi, no matter if they are tablet, smartphones or computers.

For that we only have to start Sharedrop in a browser tab on two or more devices.

Each user will have their own nickname and avatar. Now drag and drop files on logo of any avatar to send a file to that particular device. As soon as the recipient accepts it, the file will begin to download.

Everything works through the WebRTC technology, so we don’t need any software.

In addition, something very interesting is that, if during the process we run out of Internet due to a problem, as soon as the Sharedrop signal returns will continue where I left off, so we will not have wasted time.

File-Transfer Time Calculator

This is not a possibility of transferring files, but it will help us to calculate the time it will take for this operation.

With this calculator we will know the file transfer time it will take to upload or download a file.

With File-Transfer Time Calculator We just have to put the file size in the first column and the internet speed in the second.

Includes options different types as it can be by cable, with a USB, LAN by cable, WiFi, SATA or whatever type.

It is the ideal way to know if something is going to give us time to hang it or receive it, so we will decide whether to do it now or leave it for another time.

It is clear that these tools will help us to share very large files and thus not have to occupy space in our cloud. Another good thing is that the file at the end disappears from your servers or if you do not use servers, we already know that as soon as we close everything, it will go with us.

WeTransfer may have the fame, but there are many who are looking for other alternatives to transfer files and in a different way, as we have just seen in some of the examples.

If you have tried all the possibilities that we have shown you today, we would love to know what you think about them and for that we have our social networks where you can tell us what you think.