The best foods and recipes that you can use to replace cereals, if you want to reduce carbohydrates in your diet and lose weight

The best foods and recipes that you can use to replace cereals, if you want to reduce carbohydrates in your diet and lose weight

In order to facilitate the achievement of a caloric deficit and the use of fats as an energy source, reducing carbohydrates in the usual diet is very helpful. That’s why we show you the best foods and preparations that you can use to replace cereals when losing weight.

Low carb diet to lose weight

A diet low in carbohydrates has been shown to be very useful when losing weight, especially because it eliminates one of the main sources of energy in our body contributes to fat burning.

Although it is not necessary to eliminate all carbohydrates as it happens in the keto or ketogenic diet, if we can avoid cereals which are a group of foods concentrated in complex carbohydrates, as well as it is advisable eradicate free or added sugars or reduce them as much as possible in order to take care of health.

In this sense, use different fruits, vegetables and vegetables to obtain carbohydrates, as occurs in the paleo diet for example, and to use these foods to replace cereals and preparations based on them, it is highly recommended.

The best foods and recipes to reduce grains in the usual diet

Cereals are a very popular food group and present daily in our lives. diet usual, especially as part of frequent preparations such as pasta, bread, cookies or dough for cakes, pizzas, tortillas and others.

For this reason, avoiding grains is not easy to achieve and it is very helpful to look for replacements that can make this resource more sustainable in practice.

This is how we show you foods and preparations that can be very helpful to replace cereals and achieve a low-carbohydrate diet that contributes to weight loss:

Fruits, vegetables and vegetables in replacement of cereals


The fruits, vegetables and vegetables They can become the main source of carbohydrates in our diet, being useful to replace frequent cereals and preparations based on them.

So, for example the bland, colorless cauliflower we can use it to make a false rice or cauliflower as well as a false couscous that we can combine with various ingredients.

Another option is to make a pizza dough with cauliflower to avoid refined flour in this usual preparation and eliminate cereals without missing this type of dish.

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These are the three best diets to lose weight (and they have been for many years)

We can also replace pasta with vegetables and various vegetables, making, for example, fake tagliatelle or vegetable spaghetti what are zoodles like? Thus, we can make courgette ribbons with cockles, fake carrot noodles in tomato and mushroom sauce, or fake pumpkin spaghetti with pesto sauce and tuna.

Another option is to make some cereal-free cookies using banana as a source of carbohydrates and sweetener, or some wraps or tacos with lettuce leaves as well as sweet potato toast to avoid cereal-based breads and crackers.

Nuts and seeds instead of cereals


So much nuts What seeds They are foods rich in fiber, vegetable proteins and beneficial unsaturated fats for the body, being a good option to replace cereals in various dishes.

We can use them as such or go to dried fruit flours or powdered seeds, as well as chia or flax seeds to thicken various dishes with much less carbohydrates and no starch.

Thus, for example, we can make low-carb fitness rolls with seeds and ground nuts, a keto protein bread with hazelnuts and ground almonds, mini muffins with blueberries, a fitness yogurt cake with a high protein concentration, a salty cake of broccoli and almond-based cream cheese, or a very satiating protein carrot cake and ideal to serve as a healthy dessert in our low carb diet.

Egg instead of cereals to add protein and subtract carbohydrates


The egg It is a very versatile food, with a neutral flavor and that we can use to replace cereals to prepare dishes that usually include this last group of foods.

Thus, it is very useful to add proteins subtracting hydrates and contributing to the body’s satiety as well as weight loss.

Some recipes that demonstrate the usefulness of the egg to replace cereals are these pancakes without flour with two ingredients, this egg white wrap that allows you to avoid the classic wheat or corn tortilla, or the so-called cloud bread without carbohydrates inside and widely used when following a keto or ketogenic diet.

These are some foods and preparations that contribute to replace cereals in the usual diet and reduce carbohydrates if we want to lose weight.

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