The best fans for campers: with battery, with light…

The best fans for campers: with battery, with light…

We have made a selection with the best fans for camper vans. It is not as much as carrying an air conditioner, of course not, but it will help you enjoy the summer and the beach when you travel. Some have battery and built-in LED light.

For travel by camper in summerin addition to comfortable and fresh clothes, yes or yes, a fan. Or even several. Because there are many of us who have stationary heating, and with it in winter we can be at a good temperature. But what about in summer? The van’s air conditioning can help for a while, but the key is to bring a good fan.

A good fan for camper should be small and have some kind of subjection. It can have a base for it to rest on the table, a gripper to place it somewhere or the like. Furthermore, it is recommended that be airship. And it is also recommended that you have led lightwhich can be useful to us, as well as rechargeable battery.

It is more difficult to survive the heat than the cold, when it comes to traveling in a camper.

The best portable fans for campers: enjoy the summer without being overheated

The first model It has a resistant design, in the upper part it has a led light, allows us to change the direction and also the intensity. In addition, this first model has a base and hook, and has a built-in 10,000 mAh battery with which we can even charge other devices. It is similar to this second optionbut this second model only has hook –has no platform and, in addition, its battery is 5,200 mAh. But yes, it has a timer and even a remote control.

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Continuing in the same vein, this third fan It has a platform and a hook, its battery is 6,000 mAh and it can also be directed both vertically and horizontally. It also has an LED light and a USB connector to charge, for example, our mobile device.

But if we are looking for something simpler and cheaper, there is a fourth option which is a small portable fan that works by USB. It is much simpler and has no LED light or battery, among other things. However, for a camper van it may be more than enough to carry a fan like this. Especially since it takes up little space and still has reasonable power.

And lastly, a portable fan which is something bigger, with its 20 centimeters. Obviously, the power is higher and it also cools faster. Although it occupies more, it can be interesting and it has a good clamp to fix it to any part without problems. It also has a battery 10,000mAh of capacity and USB connection to charge other devices if we need it.