The best expert advice so that dogs and cats suffer as little as possible from noise in San Juan

The best expert advice so that dogs and cats suffer as little as possible from noise in San Juan

On the eve of San Juan or Noche de San Juan, celebrated on June 23, the noise of firecrackers fills the streets. However, not everyone awaits the date with the same enthusiasm. For pet owners, can become an uncomfortable evening because many dogs and cats get nervous. The reactions can range from the mildest, such as excessive panting and restlessness, to more serious ones that put their physical integrity at risk with flight behaviors. The experts at the Tucan veterinary center explain what we can do.

symptoms of restlessness

Dogs and cats can show their restlessness, in addition to reacting to sound stimuli with barking/meowing or sobbing and running away, moving around the house from one place to another and/or breathing excessively and at high speed. Yawning can also be another way or that they barely react to our call and remain stopped, as if blocked and with a lost look.

In addition, they will also try to hide in any corner of the house until they feel safe to come out. Other symptoms that dogs and cats may present, since each animal reacts in its own way, are: tremors, salivation, tachycardia, intense vocalizations and urination or defecation.

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general tips

Cover the windows to help your pet does not perceive the flashes firecrackers and try to muffle the noise as best as possible by covering any gaps in your window frames or under doors.

Then play a soothing sound that “covers” the loud noise, like classical music. Remember to close all the openings in the house that may allow your pet to escape. The desire to flee is one of the most common reactions and you could get lost or have an accident.

So you can relieve the stress of traveling to dogs

Tire your pet during the day with rides and games (in the case of dogs). This will help when the pyrotechnics start at night to more easily ignore the noises that it causes. However, if you think your pet is getting too upset, Consult your veterinarian to prescribe a tranquilizer.

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tips for dogs

Although it may seem like common sense, it is worth remembering that for no reason you should take him out of the house during the launch of the pyrotechnics.

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However, don’t tie him up or lock him up in a tight space either, even if you have to go outside (which, in and of itself, isn’t recommended at such times). Better, create a space for him. It can be his bed or another one you put him in toys and things to play with. Also, the closer that space is to you, the better.

A way of channel anxiety of dogs is chewing on something so give him a treat that will keep him busy for a long time. You can also try the method Tellington Touchwhich is very effective in some cases. This technique consists of wrapping your dog with a cloth and in a specific way. It generates a sense of security that, added to some caresses, can help you get through the bad times.

tips for dogs

Cats tend to feel more secure in places with low light, so you can place a box on its side with a blanket inside for it to take shelter in.

On the other hand, synthetic hormones and feline pheromones that you can buy at any veterinary store can make the evening more bearable for your cat. Yes indeed, check with your vet first.

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