Why NordVPN?

This is not the first time we have talked about NordVPN. It is one of the best VPN connections on the market with which the user will have an infinite number of options at their disposal. Qualities such as speed, security, absolute privacy … And the company has a total of 5185 servers in 60 countries all over the world, so connecting will be fast as fast and easy as being in that same country.

One of the benefits of this service is that we can bypass the regional blockade of streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + or HBO, being able to view original content from other countries such as the United States, when here, in Spain, they are blocked.

Among other features, NordVPN includes WireGuard, OpenVPN and IPsec, among other. We can connect quickly and easily, selecting at all times the protocol that the user wants.

We also consider it important to mention that it is a multiplatform service, so it will be very easy to connect at the same time on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android at the same time. You can even configure the router through OpenVPN, and leave it connected to other servers in third countries and not configure it every time you have to connect. For example, you can leave your Smart TV connected to a VPN through OpenVPN, so every time we want to access a streaming platform like Netflix, the traffic will already be routed through OpenVPN.

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You have to take into account a feature that not all VPNs have, and that is the no-log policy. This means that NordVPN will not save absolutely any data of any user, including pages visited, cookies, or any security information to guarantee optimal privacy. In addition, it has a fast speed of 500Mbps, so you will never notice delays, almost as if you were browsing with your usual network.

The Black Friday deal


The Black Friday campaign began on October 27, and will be available until November 29. On the occasion of Cyber ​​Monday it will be extended a bit, until December 1.

It is a juicy offer that leaves a 72% discount, the highest offer since 2017. The two-year plan now has a price of € 67.15 for the two years, which will be € 2.80 per month. When the campaign ends, the price will be € 75.65 for two years, which will be € 3.15 per month.