The best deadlift variations to develop your hamstrings and glutes

The best deadlift variations to develop your hamstrings and glutes

Not everything should be sumo and conventional deadlifts as basic exercises to develop our lower body along with the squat. There are numerous variants that we can use to achieve different effects depending on the results we are looking for.

In this article We explain the best deadlift variants that we must take into account to develop our hamstrings and glutes.

Romanian deadlift

First of all we have to recommend the one that is the most effective variant of deadlift to work our hamstringsthe Romanian deadlift.

Although the main function of the hamstrings is to flex the knee, they also support the gluteus in hip extension.

Keep in mind that the most important part of this movement is to perform the eccentric phase, that is, the descent, slowly, in about two or three seconds.

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Romanian split stance deadlift

Although it seems redundant to recommend a variant of the Romanian deadlift, it is not, since modifying the stance or the position of the feet causes substantial changes in the movement and in the stimulation that our muscles receive.

In this case, placing one leg further forward than the other allows us to emphasize the work on it more.

In addition, since the gluteus medius is a muscle that is responsible for stabilizing the hip, the fact of being in an asymmetrical posture increases its activation.

deadlift with elastic band

Next we have the deadlift with elastic bands. Using bands in strength training It allows us to modify the strength/resistance profile of an exercise or movement.

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In the deadlift, the maximum difficulty is found when the bar lifts off the ground and reaches approximately the height of our knees. From there, blocking and finishing the move is relatively easier.

Using bands allows us to make a part of the movement difficult that was not so difficult and therefore that the musculature involved must work hard evenly throughout the range of travelnot just in one part.

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Deficit deadlift

Using a deficit in the deadlift is a resource similar to that of the elastic bands since it seeks to modify a variable of the movement but without modifying the movement.

In this case we rise on a platform (which can be steps or disks) so that the bar is lower and therefore the route is greater.

It is true that our hamstrings and glutes will work harder since the lever arm increases, but we must bear in mind that in this case our spinal erectors are also going to receive more work.

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