The best board games for iPad

The best board games for iPad

If you want to know which are the best board games for iPad, check this list of options that we bring for you.

With the arrival of the mobile games, many classic games have been in the past or at least relegated to the background. We could say that one of the main affected by these changes, have been the table games.

However, not everything has been negative. Precisely, with the arrival of a more digital world, the possibility of migrating these games to our mobile devices has arrived, allowing us to enjoy a similar experience wherever and whenever we want.

A list with the 8 best board games for iOS

If you are one of those who enjoy this type of entertainment, we have compiled the best board games for your iOS tablet. If you want to know what they are, keep reading that we present them below.

The best board games for iPad in 2021

  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Domino
  • Parcheesi
  • ONE!
  • 4 in stripes
  • Asked
  • Cluedo

In our compilation of the best games for iPad 2021, you will find an alternative for all tastes. Since the classic hobbies until more modern adaptations but with the same level of fun. You just have to choose the one you like the most and you will have hours of fun just like old times.


Monopoly: buy and sell properties

Monopoly: buy and sell properties

The first selection on our list is Monopoly, one of the best board games for iPad that you will find today. Enjoy the classic experience by buy and sell properties directly on your mobile.

This adaptation of the popular game has different options that allow you to enjoy the best gaming experience, single or multiplayer online. Share with other users via voice chat, offline play, season pass for exclusive rewards, and much more.


Scrabble - The World's # 1 Word Puzzle Game

Scrabble – The World’s # 1 Word Puzzle Game

If you want to test your word skills, Scrabble is he perfect game for you. One of the hobbies preferred by millions of users around the world, it reaches the mobile devices with the classic experience, but with totally new mechanics and functions to discover.

Play with friends and family, link your Facebook account and chat in real time with other users between games. Choose between 4 fun game modes, enjoy games to pass the time or show your knowledge in the competitive mode, you decide how you want to have fun.


Domino: a board game adapted to mobile

Domino: a board game adapted to mobile

One of the older board games, fun and played in the world comes to the digital world totally free. If you fair the Domino, you can do where and when you want from your iPad.

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This application is very complete, allowing you play solo or multiplayer, complete tasks and challenges, face family and friends, enter player rooms according to your level and even enjoy it offline. What are you waiting for? Don’t let the game stall and make your master move.


Parcheesi: challenge your friends

Parcheesi: challenge your friends

If you ever played Parcheesi, you will know how much fun their games are. Now you can relive that adrenaline from your iPad totally free with other players online at 2- or 4-member games.

Have fun with classic mechanics of this game, chat live with other players, face different players in each game and spend hours of entertainment as in the old days.


UNO !: a fun board game for the whole family

UNO !: a fun board game for the whole family

Of the best free iOS games and one of the most loved by millions of players in the worldUNO! Now you can play it directly on your iPad. With new rules, tournaments and game modes, fun is guaranteed at all times.

You can play individually or as a team, create a “bedroom” to invite your friends and family to play by your own rules, choose between the different modes full of fun and adrenaline. It only remains to say, ready, set, ONE!

4 in stripes

4 in Stripes - Play against 48 different characters

4 in Stripes – Play against 48 different characters

4 in stripes It’s one of the more classic board games that guarantees hours of laughter and fun. As the name implies, you must fit 4 tiles in line, it can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You choose the best option.

Play online with other players, play random games or participate in massive tournaments. Also has 4 different game modes and up to 5 levels of difficulty for you to have a great time. It’s totally free, so you can’t miss it.


Asked: test your knowledge

Asked: test your knowledge

Asked it is not exactly a classic board game, but it can become one to share with your friends and family. Show your knowledge by answering questions of different categories and get crowns to win.

It has thousands of different questions to play, although it also allows you create your own trivia to make it more fun, you can chat with your opponents and much more. Best of all, it’s totally free. Learn while having fun, you won’t regret it.


Decipher murders and mysteries with Cluedo

Decipher murders and mysteries with Cluedo

Show your investigative skills in Cluedo, a fun hobby where you must decipher murders and mysteries. Join Miss Amapola, Colonel Rubio, Celeste, Prado, Doctor Orquídea and Professor Mora and discover the murderer and everything related to each case.

You can play it alone or in multiplayer mode with family and friends online, in addition to acquiring the season pass to access exclusive rewards. Put the pieces of the puzzle together to find the answers and unmask the culprit. Can you solve the mystery of the murder of Dr. Black?

As you will see, in our selection of the best board games for iPad 2021 fun is guaranteed, as well as an option for all tastes. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy hours of training with the classic alternatives or with the most modern titles. Which prefer?

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