The benefits of taking your container to work every day and 21 ideas to fill it

The benefits of taking your container to work every day and 21 ideas to fill it

If in this new course you seek to improve the quality of your diet and consequently benefit health, we will tell you what are the advantages of taking your container to work every day and we leave 21 ideas to fill it.

The benefits of eating taper

Reducing the intake of meals eaten outside the home is very useful when we are looking for a lighter and healthier diet, since the preparations that we can taste made in a restaurant, in a fast food or other shops always have more calories and lower nutritional quality than the dishes that we can make with our own hands.

In this sense, if work does not allow us to eat at home every day, It is very beneficial to take the container with homemade preparations inside every day to work.

Taper eating can help you lose weight

If you want to get rid of extra kilos or lose what you have gained during the summer, a very useful strategy is eat more homemade food in our, because the dishes of any restaurant have twice or more calories than the food that we can prepare with our own hands and take in the container to work.

On the other hand, in restaurants and fast food the portions are usually larger than those that we can include in our container. And since we tend to eat everything that is served in front of us because we are “completers” we eat more when we do it away from home.

So, take the container with us not only helps us to eat better quality and with fewer calories but also, to better control the amount of food to be consumed, favoring the achievement of the caloric deficit that we all need if we want to lose weight.


Bringing the container with homemade food will help you protect your health

The first place, eating a container can benefit health by improving the quality of the usual diet but also, it has been proven that the consumption of homemade meals such as those that we can carry every day in our container, is associated with lower risk of metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes or obesity.

On the other hand, we will have less risk of nutritional deficiencies Because we will reduce the intake of products that tend to have lower nutritional quality, and we will also be able to respect our needs, taking into account the pathologies that we present and preparing the dishes to include in our container accordingly.

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It will help save time and money

We eat a container every day at work. will help save time, since we will not have to go out to order our food or to look for those foods that we want to consume, nor will it force us to go to a restaurant in the middle of the work day and therefore, we will eat in less time from our homemade container .

Of course, at an economic level the change will be remarkable since always preparations made outside the home have a higher cost for the pocket than those that we can prepare with fresh ingredients, at home every day.


Carrying the container will help you be more productive at work

As we have said before, eating from a container allows you to save considerable time in the working day, thus helping to increase productivity of our days.

Likewise, a good quality diet translates into a increased cognitive performance; And taking the container to work every day favors the achievement of a healthier diet that, without a doubt, can lead to better mental abilities to perform more and better in the working day.

These are some of the many benefits that can offer the fact of taking the container to work every day and thus, eat healthier in the new course.

The best frozen foods to cook a quick healthy dinner or the container (and many recipes so you don't get bored)

Healthy alternatives to fill your container every day

Although we can cook in large quantities on some occasions and freeze, in order to use the leftovers to fill the container we can also prepare simple and very healthy preparations like the ones we show below:

Dishes with meat, fish or seafood


Vegan and vegetarian recipes for the container

These are some recipes that we suggest to take in the container every day to work and get all the benefits that the intake of homemade food can offer.

We recommend at work, eat away from the desk, computer and stress that the work itself can originate, trying to choose a relaxed physical space to taste our taper.

It’s advisable choosing suitable containers To take to work so that the food can be stored correctly and also that supports the use of microwaves in case the container needs to be reheated after its preparation.

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