Jessica Nigri is a famous cosplayer, who is recognized for giving us beautiful cosplay of hundreds of female characters from the world of video game, comics or science fiction. Jessica knows how to make her cosplay stand out above any other, this is the case with his most recent cosplay of the famous sorceress Raven.

Revealed in your personal account Instagram, the cosplay of Raven has captivated thousands of fans of Jessica nigri Around the world, fans have not stopped mentioning the genius behind Nigri’s cosplay, some have filled the comments with messages of support and love for Jessica’s great dedication to her cosplays.

Raven She is one of the most powerful girls in the universe of DC, his power comes from a world where demons rule, Raven is for many, the ideal character with the perfect powers to face any villain. In addition, his costume is one of the most replicated cosplay of all time.

If you are looking for girl cosplays on the internet, I assure you that you can find at least 7 out of 10, and believe it or not, there is none that compares to the great cosplay made by the beautiful Jessica nigri. Jessica has a great trajectory in terms of cosplays, proof of this is that her Instagram is full of girl cosplays.

I recommend you take a tour of Jessica’s Instagram and give her a little love, you may stay a couple of hours admiring the great work of this girl. Some of his cosplays are unreal and fantastic, you will not be able to choose one among all, rest assured, from Simp to Simp.

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