The Baymax series already has a premiere date on Disney Plus

The Baymax series already has a premiere date on Disney Plus

Since big heroes premiered in the year 2014many people became fans of a common character, the friendly personal care robot, Baymax. For that reason, Disney decided to launch his own series, which was announced some time ago. Since then not much information has been had, but all this has just changed recently.

It is through a new preview that the company shows us a little more of the adventures that this nice friend will live in the city of Saint Fransokyo, having interaction with all kinds of people. In addition, it is confirmed that old acquaintances such as himself hiro and the aunt Cass They will also be present, only this time they will have a smaller participation.

Here you can see the progress:

Best of all the announcement is that we finally have a release date for Baymax!Being the June 29 the day for fans to mark all their respective calendars. It is confirmed that there will be six episodes in total, which go for a somewhat more comedy style, thus moving away a bit from the action that characterized the film.

This is what he says Don Hallthe director of the film 2014 and also from this series:

I thought it would be fun to do a Disney Plus series with Baymax interacting with normal people. In each of our six episodes, Baymax just wants to help someone, and a lot of times they don’t want help. You set out to fix a physical problem you’ve identified, and in the process you get to a deeper, more emotional place and can be almost transformational in that role.


Remember that this series will be broadcast exclusively on Disney Plus.

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Via: IGN