The battle with Malenia in the Elden Ring was going to be even more difficult at first.

The battle with Malenia in the Elden Ring was going to be even more difficult at first.

This version predates the first network test in 2021.

Of all the bosses in the Elden Ring, and there are quite a few, Malenia is without a doubt the most iconic boss of all both for the staging and the design of the stage and Malenia itself, as well as for its devilish difficulty. Malenia is one of those bosses that makes even the most experienced players of the Souls saga sweat and everything seems that at first FromSoftware had thought it would be an even harder fight. At least that’s what the latest leaked game files indicate.

The difficulty of facing Malenia is that he is an extremely fast boss and with his great sword he has a very difficult range to dodge, although the worst part is that if he manages to hit you, he recovers his life. Thanks to a bug, he managed to heal himself without even landing the blow. If you manage to reach the second phase, even faster and more explosive movements await you.

The battle with Malenia in the Elden Ring was going to be even more difficult at first.

Malenia is one of the most beloved characters by fans of Elden Ring

The youtuber Kotn3l has managed to get hold of the Elden Ring version 1.0, the one that comes on the game discs before installing any updates and patches from Day 1, and has compared in video the differences of Malenia between the original version and the one we have now. The truth is that the changes are subtle, but without a doubt make Malenia a more difficult boss.

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Usually in this early version, Malenia is even more aggressive than usual. Animation cooldowns are shorter and she is more likely to block enemy attacks. It also seems that a devastating second attacksimilar to the Waterflow Dance, which was cut from the final version.

In this original version, reveals Kotn3l, the Waterflow Dance is known simply as Malenia’s Blade, while there is a second area attack very similar to this one in which Malenia executes several bursts of slashes while jumping forward on one leg. Some users point out that it looks like the typical position of herons when they stand on one leg, possibly the origin of the name Waterflow Dance that finally received the other attack.

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Malenia, the sword of Miquella

Undoubtedly, all these curiosities, the lore of the character, his careful aesthetics and the combat itself they make Malenia the most loved boss of Elden Ring. And the most challenging, there are those who take a minute to kill Malenia and those who need 3,000 attempts to achieve it, but it is the journey that counts.