DC FanDome and Warner have released The Batman trailer 2 featuring the terrifying Riddler, plus Catwoman and Penguin.

In a trailer 2 that shows us the dark tone that The Batman will follow, we learn that, we have a better look at the characters of Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin.

The Batman: Trailer 2

In the clip, guided by a voice-over from Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), we learn about the philosophy that will govern the new Batman, who is defined as “revenge” and the fear he instills in the crooks is just a warning.

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action film The Batman. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures / ™ & © DC Comics

And despite the warnings of Alfred (Andy Serkis), we see Bruce continue his crusade against crime facing the challenge that will represent Selina Kyle / Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), the “business” side of Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin (Colin Farrell) and the violent threat that surrounds Gotham with the arrival of the dangerous Riddler (Paul Dano).

The background the story of the story trailer 2

From what we’ve seen in the first and second trailers, part of The Batman’s story will revolve around Riddler’s crusade against the Gotham Police. As we see in the clip scene, Edward Nashton is in the middle of a sketch drawn on the floor with various directions. The main one says “The sins of my father”, and the others “Savage”, “The renewal is a lie”, “Mitchell” and “Colson”.

Mitchell alludes to Don Mitchell Jr., the mayor of Gotham City responsible for the operation where the gangster Salvatore Maroni and his gang were captured, the same official who would later be murdered in his home by Riddler, with his hands and feet in bags and taped face with the words “No More Lies” on it.

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The word “Savage” refers to Pete Savage, the police commissioner who vows to capture Riddler. And “Colson” to District Attorney Gil Colson, who also appears to be behind the villain. Only, according to the clues left by Riddler, the three officials involved are corrupt, which gives him some ambiguity as a villain or an anti-hero.

Second Batman trailer shows Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin
Robert Pattinson as Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action film The Batman. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures / ™ & © DC Comics

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