the assault will come to iOS and Android totally free

the assault will come to iOS and Android totally free

We got a good hint last year during the release of Ubisoft’s franchise roadmap and now we can see it in all its glory. Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence is the new installment of the French company that will be released on mobile devices completely free of charge.

Available for both Android and iOS, we can already sign up to be able to participate in future tests and be clear about how it feels to play the third-person RPG shooter. Of course, for now we are left without a release date for the title, so we will have to wait.

the plot of The Division Resurgence It will be completely canonical and takes us to a contemporary New York, after the crisis, and being the perfect setting to explore an entire open world. we can play so much solo and cooperative mode with PvE activities, which can be secondary or related to the story.

We will be part of the first wave of agents of the National Strategic Division, which aims to protect the civilian population from the different factions that populate the city. On a mechanical level, we can customize our characters to the extreme, being able to accumulate and improve a large amount of equipment.

As we level up and perfect skills, specializations for weapons will be unlocked, which can be exchanged. From Ubisoft they emphasize that the work is being built and optimized for mobile platformswith an interface designed for these devices.