We just have to wait a single week more to be able to enjoy The Ascent, the futuristic Action RPG that we can play both solo and cooperatively at 4. It seems that, before the title is released on the market, the Neon Giant studio wants to give us a preview of what we will find when we start the game, and for that, The Ascent is shown in a new gameplay in detail.

The gameplay has been shown on the official YouTube channel of Xbox, and in it, we can see the world in which the title is set, the combat system that we will use throughout the adventure and how the matches will feel fresh and novel during all hours of play. Undoubtedly, is the most complete gameplay of The Ascent to date, and Neon Giant has waited for the perfect moment to launch it.

The Ascent is shown in a new gameplay in detail

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We will have to wait (and eagerly) until July 29, the day that The Ascent will go on sale, and finally, we can enter the world that Neon Giant has created, and that traps us for many, many hours.

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