There are only a few days left for the expected The Ascent is released (directly through Xbox Game Pass) and its managers, the independent studio Neon Giant, are offering more and more details of their cyberpunk setting. Now the The Ascent Creators Explain How They Balanced The Xbox Series X | S And Xbox One VersionsSince it is a crossplay game and therefore all functions have to be compatible in all editions so that players on both platforms can enjoy the same experience.

It was Arcade Berg, co-founder of Neon Giant, who has attended to Windows Central and gave him an interview explaining this and other details of the game: “So basically we are forcing the old Xbox to run a very new game, and it takes a lot of brute force. There are definitely things that we ask you to back off a bit. But the trick is that we cannot withdraw anything that affects the game because we have crossplay. So if someone from Xbox One wants to play someone from Series X must have the same game, truth? We cannot even remove physical effects as there are fewer enemies on the screen and that is the challenge ”, he commented.

The Ascent will offer an identical experience in both solo and co-op

In fact, Berg has also made reference to another reality of The Ascent, which is the possibility of running on very humble PCs, which has forced them to work on different architectures and make great efforts, especially for a team made up of eleven people. Remember The Ascent is coming next July 29 to Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC and that it will do so from day one and at no additional cost to all subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.

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