The arrival of a new game mode in Halo Infinite is filtered

The arrival of a new game mode in Halo Infinite is filtered

About five months after the release of Halo Infinite, the team at 343 Industries is finding it more difficult to bring new content to Halo Infinite, while players continue to leave the game and complain about game maintenance. With Forge mode and co-op delayed a while longer, the existence of a new multiplayer game mode which would arrive soon.

Discovered by @Delta-Hub, it would be a multiplayer mode called “Last Spartan Standing” which would feature battle royale elements in a mix of Gun Game and Free-for-All on Big Team Battle mode maps. Basically it is about killing enemies throughout the map to get experience points with which you can buy new weapons to be the last player standing in the game.

343 Industries confirmed a few days ago that the second season of Halo Infinite will feature new game modes, but at the moment it is not confirmed that this “Last Spartan Standing” is one of them. There was also recent talk of a new game mode developed by Certain Affinity that would be focused on attract a more general public accustomed to other types of more conventional shooters outside of Halo quirks.

Halo Infinite will soon receive content based on the television series

at the moment noor is there a specific date for the arrival of the second season of Halo Infiniteso we have to wait a little longer to see those long-awaited improvements and content that they have been working on since the game’s launch at the end of last year.