It must be recognized that Mercadona is showing great interest in caring for the most sensitive skin by launching products especially indicated to hydrate, soothe and protect. But it is also that now they reinforce their Sensitive Deliplus Line with the new Anti-redness serum that is a great ally for the face.

Now that the cold begins to make an appearance, our skin is sensitized and redness typical of this type of skin may appear. Therefore, Mercadona, hand in hand with the Viokox Laboratories, have wanted to launch a new ally for the care of the finest and most sensitive skin that, in addition, we have already been able to test.

To begin with, it should be noted that, as reported by the brand, this range is formulated to help restore the physiological balance of the skin, treating imperfections related to the reactivity of the most delicate skin.

Thus, this serum is presented as intensive, concentrated and enhancing care of the results of the other products of the Sensitive Line, that cares, soothes, strengthens and hydrates in depth.

Viokox Serum 117

Regarding the ingredients, we find some stars such as Niacinamide o Vitamin B3 that reinforces the skin barrier and the stratum corneum in two ways, maintaining hydration and lipid levels, and protecting the skin from environmental pollution.

But we also find Frankincense tree extract used in traditional Indian medicine that stands out for its high acid content boswellian which is characterized by its calming action and works by relieving irritations, redness, itching and stinging; as well as crocus flower which acts by strengthening the skin barrier and the skin’s natural hydration factor. Likewise, it attenuates the inflammatory response caused by various external stimuli and produces immediate relief from itching and stinging, common reactions of sensitive skin, as well as reducing redness.

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Skin, hair and makeup: The cosmetic products that are sweeping Mercadona due to their value for money

Viokox Serum 132

The first thing that caught my attention about this product is that it comes in a pink glass bottle, a packaging ideal, things as they are, with a dropper. The product is white, it is absorbed instantly, without leaving greasy residues and with a sensation of hydration and great comfort. It seems to me a product that is worth giving a try and more for its price of 6 euros.

But it is also that, it must be taken into account that Niacinamide is a highly functional active ingredient It also regulates sebum production, helps with melasma and hyperpigmentation, reduces redness, enhances hydration, and also evens out skin tone. Come on, it’s great for many other things.

Finally, note that has SPF 10 that, although it is really low, you always have to think that our routine ends with a higher sunscreen.

This product was provided for testing by Mercadona and the Viokox Laboratories. You can check our business relations policy for more information.

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