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The best-selling Alexa speakers drop in price, and they do so outside of the dates that Amazon usually has them on sale, good news.

If you are thinking of buying a smart speaker, especially if you want to have Alexa as a virtual assistant, we have good news, and that is Amazon has lowered the price of the 4th Generation Echo Dots.

Normally they cost 59.99 euros, but now and temporarily they are on sale for 39.99 euros, and they are also available in all their colors, except for the model that has a watch, which is kept at its usual cost.

The new generation of Amazon’s best-selling smart speaker comes with a revamped spherical design. This new look has also optimized the sound amplification, which is now better distributed.

This edition has significant improvements over previous versions, especially in the audio, since the spherical design greatly improves the diffusion of the sound. In addition, it has more volume and more advanced microphones.

These are some of the details to look at when buying a smart speaker with Alexa, an assistant that clearly dominates the sector, especially thanks to the constant sales that Amazon activates on its Echo Dots.

Depending on the use you are going to give it, having one at home will be more or less useful. In them you can listen to music, either by Amazon Music or by Spotify, in addition to receiving weather information, traffic or listening to the radio.

Too you can drop in to other Amazon speakersboth from your home and from other contacts on your calendar, a feature that was very popular during lockdown in 2020.

For value for money, now that it costs only 39.99 euros, the Echo Dot is one of the best speakers you can buy in 2021, and that competition is tough from Google and increasingly from Apple.

As it exceeds 29 euros and the order is managed by Amazon, shipping is completely free whether or not you have an account in Amazon prime, a luxury that is common in this store.

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