‘The alley of lost souls’, by Guillermo del Toro: an exclusive clip

‘The alley of lost souls’, by Guillermo del Toro: an exclusive clip

That Guillermo del Toro He is one of the best known Mexican filmmakers in the world, it seems like a no-brainer. His interest in the fantasy genre is indisputable in light of the eleven feature films he has produced so far. He jumped to the fore with his first film, Chronos (1993), and from there, to the golden Hollywood. Since then, he has given us other films such as Hellboy (2004), The Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) or The shape of water (2017), triumphant at the Oscars. Y The alley of lost souls (2021) It is his new film.

Is about a remake from the cult homonym directed in 1947 by the British Edmund Goulding, responsible for the Oscar-winning Great Hotel (1932), Bitter victory, The spinster (1939) or Razor’s edge (1946) as well. With him he adapted the identical title novel written a year earlier by the American William Lindsay Gresham (1909-1962). Actor Tyrone Power plays the main role of Stan Carlisle, a mysterious character whose footsteps lead him to a traveling circus that disrupts his existence and that of those who live there.

It is logical that ‘The alley of lost souls’ attracts Guillermo del Toro


The idea for Gresham’s work came to him when he was fighting with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War. They told him about some spooky carnival attraction which, apparently, there were then in our country. “The story of the Monster haunted me. In the end, to get rid of it, I had to write it, ”the English man of letters had declared after the book was published. “The novel, of which it was the basis, seemed to horrify readers as much as the original story horrified me.” Logical that something like this attracts Guillermo del Toro.

About his new version of The alley of lost souls We can say, for now and without a doubt, that it has a stellar cast. Bradley Cooper (The great American scam) gets into the shoes of Stan Carlisle, and they give him the reply Cate Blanchett (The Lord of the rings) as Lilith Ritter, Rooney Mara (Her) playing Molly Cahill or Toni Collette (The hours) as Zeena.

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But also Willem Dafoe (The Aviator) playing Clem Hoatley, Ron Perlman (Enemy at the Gates) as Bruno, David Strathairn (total eclipse) playing Pete, Richard Jenkins (As it snows on the cedars) as Ezra Grindle or Mary Steenburgen (Back to the future 3) of Mrs. Kimball. And now we offer you an exclusive clip with images from the film and comments of almost all of them.

Stan Carlisle’s inordinate ambition

The alley of lost souls is a story about fate, about a character who could change his life and still his own pride is so strong that it becomes his destiny”, Assures Guillermo del Toro. For Toni Collette, “it is about a man who looks for himself in the surroundings of a traveling fair and all the people who are in it”, an area that “is a magnet for this type of people who believe that they do not belong To nowhere”. Although, in the words of Ron Perlman, “the problem with Stanton Carlisle is that he is not made to fit in.”

Cate Blanchett, for her part, states that “the film takes place in two very different worlds: the world of a fair” —to which one goes “with a different kind of life from which [se] wants to run away or from which [uno] he has had enough ”according to Perlman—,“ and that of high society ”. But “the darkness in that real world is much more threatening and terrifying.” And the actress concludes: “The alley of lost souls is The dark night of the soul and gravitates around Stan [Carlisle] and his relentless desire to reach the top, whatever the cost ”.