(News in development) The young minor who allegedly hit the beach in the parking lot of the Buenos Aires microcenter surrendered this morning before the Criminal, Misconduct and Misdemeanor No. 12 prosecutor, Sebastian Maria Fedullo, in the company of his lawyer.

According to what judicial sources advanced to Infobae, now they will seek to establish that the aggressor is really the minor who appeared at the courthouse. In addition, they indicated that in the afternoon the prosecutor Fedullo will take statements from the parking employees.

In that sense, the qualification of the file has not yet been established, since they await the medical report of Legal Medicine, with which the seriousness of the injuries will be verified. “They can be serious or minor injuries. That will depend on the report, ”explained the source to this medium, who also clarified that in the event that the garage employee loses his life, the cover is aggravated and is classified as a homicide.

“It was an attempted murder”, said one of the victim’s daughters, in dialogue with the press after leaving the ITEBA clinic, where her father remains hospitalized with a reserved prognosis.

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