The 7 best 4×4 SUVs to face winter

The 7 best 4×4 SUVs to face winter

The arrival of winter, and therefore snowfall, is a boost to the demand for vehicles with a four-wheel drive system. The offer of this type of models is very wide. For this reason, we have decided to make a compilation with the 7 best 4×4 SUVs to face winter.

The market for vehicles with a 4×4 drive system undergoes numerous fluctuations throughout the year. The arrival of winter, and therefore of snowfall, is undoubtedly a great boost for the sale of SUVs that offer excellent performance in adverse weather conditions. For this reason, and taking advantage of the fact that we are in the winter season, we have carried out a compilation of the 7 best 4×4 SUVs to face winter.

The range of vehicles SUV with four-wheel drive versions it is quite broad and encompasses all segments. However, having the characteristic features of an SUV and a 4×4 configuration may not be enough in the most extreme conditions. And this is where winter tires come into play, or even tires intended for off-road driving. Let’s go into detail and review the selected models.

The Dacia Duster boasts of being the quintessential cheap 4×4 SUV

Dacia Duster

We start our collection with the quintessential cheap SUV. The commercial success of Dacia Duster It is unquestionable, and although most of the units sold have a front-wheel drive configuration, Dacia’s SUV can boast of having an extraordinary performance away from the asphalt of the big city. The Dacia Duster 4×4 is one of the SUVs whose off-road behavior is closest to that of a traditional off-roader.

The Duster with 4×4 drive It is powered by a 115 hp 1.5-liter Blue dCi diesel engine and 260 Nm of maximum torque associated with a six-speed manual gearbox. The starting price in its most basic configuration is around €19,900, which makes it one of the cheapest four-wheel drive SUVs that we can find at our dealerships.

Jeep Renegade 4xe Trailhawk
The Jeep Renegade 4xe boasts plug-in hybrid mechanics

Jeep Renegade

The brand Jeep stands for 4×4 vehicles. The SUVs are the great protagonists in the range of the American firm. The Jeep SUV offer is very wide. We focus on its smallest model and, therefore, access. The Jeep Renegade. An SUV that deals in the B segment and that stands out, in certain configurations, for being able to enter all kinds of roads and paths away from the road.

In the used market it is possible to find Renegade units with 4×4 drive and conventional mechanics. However, and if you are looking for a brand new copy, you can only opt for a plug-in hybrid mechanics (PHEV) with 240 hp and that has a 100% electric autonomy of about 50 kilometers. This allows it to stand out from the rest of the models selected here. The selling price of Jeep Renegade Trailhawk PHEV is about €42,800.

Renault Koleos
The Renault Koleos offers a high level of comfort

Renault Koleos

We enter segment D and set our sights on another 4×4 SUV from the Group Renault. Specifically, in the Renault Koleos. This model has undergone an important evolution throughout its generations. However, it retains the features that have made it one of the most relevant all-wheel drive SUVs on the market. A model that also offers an extraordinary level of comfort.

In recent times the Koleos range has been significantly reduced. Despite this, the 4×4 versions have been maintained as it is one of the flagships of the French model. The four-wheel drive Koleos is powered by a 2.0 Blue dCi diesel engine with 184 hp and 380 Nm associated with an automatic transmission. Among the most outstanding standard equipment of the koleos 4×4 we find heated front seats, which is a plus point to face the harshest winter.

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Ssang Yong Rexton
The SsangYong Rexton boasts off-road performance and interior with seven seats

Ssang Yong Rexton

The South Korean brand SsangYong is a true specialist in the design and development of SUVs. SUVs complete its product offer in Spain. Of all its available models, our choice is none other than the Ssang Yong Rexton. An SUV that usually goes unnoticed in the competitive European market and that, however, has all the necessary elements to be on this list.

The Rexton strikes a perfect balance between the classic construction benefits of an off-roader with the on-road ride comfort of an SUV. And just as crucially, all this with an interior that can hold up to seven adult passengers. Relatively recently SsangYong updated the Rexton. However, it is still possible to find units of the outgoing model in Spanish territory. Starting at around €39,000, it is powered by a 202bhp diesel engine paired with an automatic transmission.

Subaru XV
The Subaru XV is an SUV that boasts all-wheel drive and has a hybrid version

Subaru XV

Subaru is another of the firms recognized globally for its 4×4 traction technology. SUVs also play a leading role in its product offering. And therefore, it was necessary to include some of their models in this compilation. The chosen SUV is none other than the Subaru XV, the best-selling Subaru model in Spanish dealerships.

It is a model that we have had the opportunity to test on different occasions and ends up surprising us with the way it behaves in its natural habitat. The field and the mountains. The starting price of fifteenth It is set at around €25,000 and in its mechanical offer there is a more than interesting hybrid version (HEV) with 150 hp. In addition to offering contained consumption, it boasts the ECO environmental label of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic), which can be a determining factor for many drivers.

Suzuki S-Cross 2022
The new generation of the Suzuki S-Cross is already on sale in Spain

suzuki s-cross

We stick to the Japanese auto industry and set our sights on suzuki. And more specifically in a model that has just released a new generation. That’s right, we are referring to the new Suzuki S-Cross 2022. This very interesting Japanese SUV has undergone a major renovation in terms of design and technology. In addition, it increases its commitment to electrification.

The new S cross, which is already available in the Spanish market from €24,965. Under its hood is a turbocharged 1.4-litre Boosterjet four-cylinder petrol engine that develops 129bhp and is electrified with 48-volt mild-hybrid (MHEV) technology. Therefore, it also has the ECO label. AllGrip all-wheel drive versions are available with manual and automatic transmission.

The 7 best 4x4 SUVs to face winter

Video test of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, one of the best-selling SUVs globally


Last but not least, we must make a special mention of one of the best-selling SUVs globally. A true bestseller that also boasts a commitment to sustainable mobility. We refer to toyota-rav4 and, more specifically, to its successful non-plug-in hybrid version (HEV) that has given it so many good commercial results in Europe.

The RAV4 is an SUV that deals in the D segment. It has a spacious interior for five passengers. It also stands out for its extensive technological endowment. Especially in the field of safety, comfort and connectivity. The self-recharging hybrid engines with 4×4 traction develop a power of 222 CV and have the capacity to circulate for a certain time in fully electric mode. It is driven by an e-CVT automatic transmission. Being a hybrid vehicle, it sports the ECO environmental badge. The sale price is around €41,500.